Delivery delay

Delivery delay

After waiting for 2 years and 3 months, I finally got a call from an inside sales to schedule a delivery on 7/15. The day before the delivery I got another call from the delivery center saying that my delivery will delay to 7/17. I have heard other people in this forum having their deliveries delayed twice or even three times. My question is how likely will my delivery being delayed again?

White, Aero
Reserved on 3/31/16
Configured on 4/18/18
Call from inside sales 7/11/18
VIN 39xxx
Fremont delivery

GTran | 17 July, 2018

If it makes you feel better, I'm on my 5th delay. 6/24->6/29->7/5->7/11->7/16->tentatively 7/19.
That said I'm on the east coast, which maybe has had more issues with delivery delays?

Wormtown Kris | 17 July, 2018

@kc: None of us on the forum can give you any insight based on the info you provided. It's not like white paint is 30.4% chance of delay, 18" wheels is another 4.9% chance or something. It all depends on the circumstances, which you have not shared.
Here in the northeast, there is evidence tat they are being much more stringent with their delivery center inspections than previously. So is it a paint blemish? Is it a trunk weatherstrip issue? Did they get backlogged on delivery appointments? Too many possibilities, and many of the potential delays will be addressed differently by various delivery centers based on size of service department, access to parts, etc.
At least you know it probably isn't a trucking delay like GTran and many on the East Coast are seeing.....

kc4129 | 17 July, 2018

I got a call from the same delivery specialist just an hour before the appointment that it has to be re-scheduled again. The excuse for the delay just doesn’t make any sense to me. He said a group of cars got delayed by the truck but the delivery center is only 2 miles away from the Fremont factory.

CST | 18 July, 2018

Wow! You configured 5 days before me and got a call for delivery 11 days after I received my car. All at the same location. That is absolutely crazy!

pko.888 | 18 July, 2018

I would just call the delivery center a few days before the next delivery date to make sure the car is physically there. This happened to me too but it will come eventually!

KP in NPT | 18 July, 2018

@kc - there was a post yesterday that showed trucks with cars literally lining the roads around Fremont. I think they are churning out cars now and it’s possible they’re having logistics issues.

Revelate | 18 July, 2018

Yeah, looks like a zoo up in Fremont... even if I am likely up in the Bay Area in two weeks for the next several months I suspect I might just leave the delivery here and come home on short notice when I get the call.

Hell, I had a phone shipped and it left a place I can literally drive to in 70 minutes without traffic, and it didn’t get to me till late the following day and the tracking made no sense either.

Logistics is hard no lie.

Liangro1024 | 1 April, 2020

at least you have call, Tesla just reschedule and didn't let me know, and finally get a call from delivery center but reschedule again.......