Build Alignment Issues

Build Alignment Issues

Picking up my Tesla 3 on Monday at Marina del Rey, I have been watching a ton of you tube videos and a lot of people are saying their doors, truck and/or frunk has alignment issues?

Magic 8 Ball | 18 July, 2018

Compared to the 40,000 customers that have picked up cars and, have not stopped beaming, how many is "a lot"?

dougelford | 18 July, 2018

Good point, probably about 15-20 videos. I only asked as they are cranking out the cars faster...wanted to get all my worries out the way now.

Revelate | 18 July, 2018

Don’t borrow trouble: statistically you will be fine, and if there is a problem address it then.

Actually I saw a black M3 with temporary tags on the 405 just south of Marina Del Ray on Monday and frankly it was beautiful and without any blemishes I could see inspecting it way closer than I should even while parked on the freeway.

Magic 8 Ball | 18 July, 2018

@doug It is good to be prepared but it does no good to worry.

dougelford | 18 July, 2018

Appreciate it guys! I think watching You Tube videos is like reading up WedMD :-)

Cdotpeterman | 18 July, 2018

Picked up my 7/18 build date car yesterday. Obviously one of the 5,000 per week builds.
It's perfect!
I think they've got it figured out!
Good luck!....we love this car!

EVRider808 | 21 July, 2018

Build quality is exceptional. Even with potential “problems” Tesla service is the best. I’ve had Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and Infiniti, none compares to Tesla service.

Atoms | 21 July, 2018

Tesla service in Tempe is awesome.

cascadiadesign | 21 July, 2018

My build date also 7/18. No body panel alignment issues. I think Tesla has their tolerances dialed in now.

dougelford | 24 July, 2018

Yes!!! Just picked up on Model 3 and it was perfect!!!

Magic 8 Ball | 24 July, 2018

Nothing to worry about at all................. Just say no to FUD


Madatgascar | 24 July, 2018

And so it continues....

ravisundaramam | 25 July, 2018

But pretty soon another paid shill will create another fake thread and complain ...

djharrington | 25 July, 2018

Fun, beautiful, efficient: pick three

Atoms | 25 July, 2018

The bolts on the doors look like they have been loosened/ tightened after painting. They are probably aligning the doors before delivery. Likely this is temporary since it would be more cost effective to do it correct the first time.

Frank99 | 25 July, 2018

My VIN 16728 delivered on May 3 has, as far as I can tell, perfect alignment of all the body panels.

Don't let the haters take away the fun you'll have and awe you'll feel when you pick up your car. If you go and find the hood sticking up half an inch in one corner - Tesla will make it right so don't sweat it. Get in, get on a straight stretch of empty asphalt, and punch it. That'll put The Grin on your face and make it all worthwhile.

andrew | 19 March, 2020

You guys are all fakes. I just got my son's M3 delivered a few weeks ago and had to get the car serviced. You guys are either blind or never owned a quality car before. Most of you guys must pump penny stocks.
I've yet to see a Model 3 without any alignment issues. Enough is enough. Haters you say?? I just dropped 40K+ for an iPad with wheels. My son really wanted this car so my wife and I saved up to get him his dream car. What a mistake it was. My vin# is 34630, build date is Feb of 2020 btw. When I4 comes out, I'm dumping this heap of junk and get him a real car. BTW, I was lied to at the dealer service when I had issues with the scratches on the glove box at the time of delivery and had it replaced. Well, instead of replacing it, they decided to remove the deep scratches leaving a discolored glovebox but stated they replaced it with a new one on the invoice. When I asked to see the original glovebox cover, they stated that it was sent back to the corporate office. Really???
I'm not sure about you, but I really don't like being lied to.

NorthValley | 19 March, 2020

Let me get this complain about alignment issues and that the car is junk and yet you only took back the car because of a scratch on the glovebox? I am guessing ''andrew' didn't see all these terrible issues until after his first 7 days when he could have gotten a full refund? Silly Andrew!

andrew | 19 March, 2020

Dear fanboy, before you start to nitpick my post, go and take a close look at your own car and let me know that you don't see any alignment issues. You are absolutely right that I was stupid that I didn't have a caliper with me at the time of the delivery and it's my own stupid fault for assuming Tesla would produce a reputable and well-qualified car in the market. The software and performance of the car have well deserved the praise but the finish is absolutely horrible. I'm own a manufacturing plant in Norwalk, CA and make sure that our products are screened for quality issues before it gets sent out to our distributors. When we develop a new product, we don't expect our buyers to forgive us for any defective parts or finished goods because it's a "newly developed" product.

Get off your high horse and stop trying to earn brownie points from Tesla or being socially accepted by other Tesla pumpers. Complain and point out these serious issues so the company can learn from the voices of the buyers.

STOP thinking that any negative posts are from Tesla bashers. Seems to me that most of you guys are so gullible that it makes me sick that I actually read through so many of these positive reviews that absolutely know nothing about cars.

And to answer your question about the first 7-day refund, if the M3 was for my own use, I would return it in a heartbeat, but as I STATED, it was for my son who really wanted the car even if it came with a missing wheel at the delivery. I was actually thinking of purchasing Model S for myself and the X for my wife, but rather wait for a reputable car maker that WILL and CAN produce a quality car. Let's face it, TESLA has a long way to go and with so many of the emerging EV's in the foreseeable market, you won't need to pump it anymore in the very near future.

Joshan | 19 March, 2020

not all negative posts are Tesla bashers at all, you are correct. It is easy to tell the difference. Want to guess which you fall in?

Magic 8 Ball | 19 March, 2020

So you bought, your son felt no need to return, and you are now crying here. Wow, just wow.

If your son decided to keep, good for him.
It does not sound like he shares your sentiment on "serious issues".

Bighorn | 19 March, 2020

No “alignment” issues on either of my 2013 or 2018 cars.

NorthValley | 19 March, 2020


Your comment about 'calipers' had me laugh out loud! I don't remember the last time I had to take calipers to take delivery of a new car?! If I need calipers to see any alignment issues, then they aren't issues and will fall in totally acceptable parameters. I agree that the fit and finish isn't up to Audi or BMW levels yet but it is certainly fine by me and I am coming from an Audi. You come here and make the comment 'you guys are all fakes' and then expect your post to be taken seriously? You aren't being taken seriously, you are being taken as an obvious paid troll to bash Tesla. You'll need subtlety lessons from other expert trolls round here to stand a chance! I don't normally respond to obvious trolls but I figured you needed some help as you clearly didn't understand the remit you were given by your paymasters!

lbowroom | 19 March, 2020

Andrew, you've provided no description or evidence of alignment issues. Even Bob Lutz changed his tune and stated that Tesla has better body gaps than Ford allows. Post up some pictures or at least description of what is so horrible.

lbowroom | 19 March, 2020

Oops, I meant GM

lbowroom | 19 March, 2020

How does one remove deep scratches from the glovebox?

philip | 19 March, 2020

@northvalley “ You aren't being taken seriously, you are being taken as an obvious paid troll to bash Tesla.”

Do you seriously believe that someone would be paid to post a comment? Who pays? How does the deal get set up? I want some, please.

Bighorn | 19 March, 2020

Only people who don’t capitalize proper names need apply. Well, there you go!

spuzzz123 | 19 March, 2020

Guess again on that vin. You’re way off for a 2020 build.

Joe M | 19 March, 2020


If you look at my posts I haven’t drunk the kool aid but your comment on alignment is off base. 6/19 M3 and the alignment tolerance is as good as my Toyota. Finish had one tiny chip and one water type spot quickly buffed out.

calvin940 | 19 March, 2020

andrew | March 19, 2020
You guys are all fakes.
I didn't have to read past this to know you are an idiot.

NorthValley | 19 March, 2020 disrespect but I am guessing that social media and influencers are fairly new concepts to you?

NorthValley | 19 March, 2020 disrespect but I am guessing that social media and influencers are fairly new concepts to you?

jnordland | 19 March, 2020

@andrew, my previous two cars prior to this were Lexuses (2009 IS and a 2013 GS). Does that count as a "quality" car? I'm on my second Model 3 (first was a 2018 VIN 20,000ish, second a 202 VIN 601,000ish) and neither have had any issues with panel gaps. As a matter of fact, neither have had ANY issues aside from a stuck frunk on the 1st car that was resolved in a 15 minute appointment. I guess that makes me a fanboy for not having problems?

Bighorn | 19 March, 2020

No, a fake. Try to keep up.

Atoms | 19 March, 2020

If you don’t like your car, return it within 7 days. Simple guarantee. No risk.

Scrannel | 20 March, 2020

Our "run of the mill" (everyday cars) have been Range Rovers, and my wife just bought our tenth Land Rover product. Physically, we've found their quality to be excellent. But, I've also owned Ferraris and a Porsche here and there. On delivery day I did a thorough walk-around of our new Performance 3 (a late 2019) and found one, insignificant, alignment issue, so minor, no one else has ever noticed. Generally speaking, assembly robots have become perfectionists. So, your situation is surprising. Would you mind posting a couple of photos showing the issues? Thanks

markf63 | 20 March, 2020

It is okay to be critical and not be a hater. I love the model 3. I saw a number of them at the delivery center that had rear bumper gaps and doors were slightly off. If this is acceptable in Tesla world then it is acceptable. Our other cars do not have gaps. They also don't have the incredible technology that the Model 3 has. Me a hater? Nope. I can still state areas that should be better and be a fan. Atoms, you made a good point. If dissatisfied, use the seven day return. Only problem is that you have to wait another year to get the car you want.