Lumbar support rear button

Lumbar support rear button

Does your 4 way lumbar support button work?
My up and down button work normally.
The forward button (closest to front windshield) also works and adds a lot of lower back support.

However, I can’t really remove the support with the rear button. The rear button makes no sound and doesn’t seem to do much. It seems to very slightly reduce the support. But I still have too much support bulging into my back.

Also, is the rear button supposed to be silent? Or does it make a motor sound like the other 3 directions on the lumbar support?


Cdotpeterman | 25 July, 2018

Just tried mine today. If it does anything, I am just not feeling it.
Service issue perhaps?

trunk_monkey_4444 | 25 July, 2018

I feel like mine is doing something, but it is way less noticeable than my previous cars.

CST | 25 July, 2018

Mine works, but I'd like it to save with my profile.

we1 | 25 July, 2018

Feels like a potential service issue since I’d like to be able to remove the support instead of being stuck with it after adding it.

Can you confirm the rear lumbar button (to deflate) is silent? It feels like it might be doing something subtle but not what I expected.

My other car with lumbar works much differently so it’s confusing.

we1 | 25 July, 2018



vmulla | 25 July, 2018

Mine works but stops a little shy of where I'd like it - go figure!
However, my lumbar support setting does not save to my profile - I'm constantly resetting it. I think it's a big, but it's just not bothering me enough to schedule a service appointment

we1 | 25 July, 2018

Can anyone confirm whether the lumbar rear button is silent or makes a motor sound like the other 3 directions? Thanks.

we1 | 25 July, 2018

Another bump. Trying to figure out if this is a common issue or just a few of experiencing this. Thx.

doelcm | 25 July, 2018

Mine can adjust to any setting you like, but when you let go of the button, it goes back to fully deployed lumbar support.

They told me about it when I picked up my car. They let me take delivery anyway.

Currently it's in the shop. they said they have to replace the driver's seat. Was supposed to be done today. I'll call in the morning and see what's up.

we1 | 25 July, 2018

Thanks. Strange. Sounds like a different issue with your lumbar that it always ends up at full support after button release.

stevenparker | 12 August, 2018

I just picked up my new Model 3 today and I have precisely the same problem as 'doelcm': I can get the driver’s seat bladder to deflate but, as soon as I let go of the button, the motor sound begins and the lumbar support goes back to maximum. No amount of playing around with it will help (short of keeping my finger pressing on the button).

As it’s Sunday, I will have to visit the service center first thing tomorrow, either for a quick fix (doubtful) or to place an order for a new seat (likely).

As to the OP's question about the sound when removing lumbar support, yes, it IS silent, and I am certain that is the way it is supposed to operate, since the passenger seat works perfectly and IT is silent as it deflates.

rxlawdude | 12 August, 2018

Sounds like some of the seats have a prostate problem, unable to empty their bladders.

toolmanca1 | 3 November, 2018

I have a different theory (unconfirmed), I think it's a "feature." I think the lumbar bladder cycles automatically between inflating and deflating, as a massage feature. Other cars have this. My Model 3 does what all yours does and hits a sensitive nerve in my lower back. I'm going to remove the seat and disable the bladder deflate.

stevenparker | 3 November, 2018

I should have given an update to my earlier post before today, but here is what happened with mine. (You may want to read my Aug. 12 post for the problem description.)

The problem has been fully resolved with the replacement of a low voltage something-or-other (I think it was a sensor). It took a visit from field tech to confirm that the problem was NOT in the seat, then a service center visit for replacement of the low voltage component (which could only be done at the center, not field replaceable).

One additional symptom of the problem (other than the obvious) was this: if you pushed yourself back in the driver’s seat without touching any seat control, the “Save” setting button would suddenly appear on the screen. If yours does the same thing, you may have the same issue.

The field service rep — who was terrific — disabled the lumbar and deflated the bladder, which was a lifesaver until I could get the final fix. Since then, all is great. An excellent service experience.

toolmanca1 | 6 November, 2018

Thanks Steven for that update.

I just took my seat out and disabled mine (didn't want to wait for service). It was very hard to figure out how to take the seat back off to access the lumbar bladder, until I stumbled onto this video. You must remove the headrest to get the seat back open!

Now that dang lumbar bladder isn't pressing on my sensitive lower back nerve. After 10 months of driving on a seat pad, I can finally enjoy the seat without the pad!


chris | 10 November, 2018

I just got my car today and I have the same problem, where I can't deflate the lumbar support. On both the driver and passenger side. What a bizarre malfunction.

chris | 10 November, 2018

So it turns out that I'm just an idiot. I was sure I tested it properly and I wasn't just missing something. But after trying it again I realized that due to it being silent and slow, I just didn't realize it was working. You have to hold the button and wait, and it does actually deflate. So yay, no more hurty seats.

ramykha | 17 November, 2018

@toolmanca1 (Dave)
I'm trying to do the same thing you did, but I can't figure out how to get the rear panel off the seat. The headrest has been completely removed but the back plastic panel won't budge.

TesLife3 | 25 December, 2018

I tried it today for the first time. I also have question how it work. But I am sure that rear button is working. But it works different. The other three buttons , I can hear the electric pump. But the rear button is more like release the air from the chair. I haven't figure out the best position. But so far, it's comfortable enough.

rugersturm45 | 13 July, 2019

Have had my Model 3 for about two weeks now and have noticed my lower back killing me. I noticed that the lumbar support seemed to not exist and the buttons didn't seem to do anything (no motor sounds and you feel no changes). I didn't realize the lumbar support just wasn't working in the drivers seat until I sat in the passenger seat and it worked great (could hear motors and feel the adjustments). I just scheduled a service appointment to hopefully get this fixed.

vmulla | 13 July, 2019

I responded to this thread over a year ago. I've got used to my lumbar position support since then.

I need to compare my driver's side and passenger's side like you did.

rugersturm45 | 13 July, 2019

@vmulla Sorry that I'm digging up an old thread. That's probably a good idea, if my passengers seat didn't have the same functions I probably would have never noticed my lumbar in the drivers seat wasn't working and would have just assumed that it sucked.

vmulla | 13 July, 2019

Does your profile save the lumbar support position? Thanks

rugersturm45 | 13 July, 2019

@vmulla I wish I knew, I will let you know as soon as my lumbar support adjustments actually work.