Wouldn't it be neat if.....

Wouldn't it be neat if.....

Just received my model 3 a couple weeks ago and I gotta say its a sweet car!!! One of the best and most fun car I have driven. Below are a few concepts/idea that I thought would be very neat and make the model 3 an even more innovative car. Let me know what you think and if you have any other cool ideas feel free to add.

1. Wouldn't it be neat if the model 3's security system would immediately activate its cameras if the alarm is triggered and sends video clips or still pictures of the car and its surroundings to the owner through the app? This is something that most home security systems have now and it would be pretty neat if cars had this capability. It would provide the owners with situational areas and additional documentation for law enforcement if a police report needs to filled.

2. Wouldn't it be neat if the model 3 could send a notification and camera images/videos to the owner if it detects an impact from an object like a car door when it is parked in a parking lot? This is more so to help add peace of mind to us owners that always seek out the corner spots in parking lots to prevent our fellow humans from adding dents, digs and scratches to our cars.

3. Wouldn't it be neat if you could purchase a car sunshade that was made from photovoltaic material so that you could utilize the sun to "trickle charge" your car on sunny days when it is parked outside and not near a charging port? I know this is more than likely several years if not a decade away due to thin film technology and material science but I still think this is a neat idea.

MisterT | 17 August, 2018

As much as I'd also like to see your 'neat ideas' come to fruition, here's my take on your thoughts:

1) The current cameras on the M3 provide nothing but a grainy low-res quality (except the rear camera, which is still no better than 1080p). Video clips and/or still photos would not show enough detail (eg. license plate #s). You would need at least 4K to see meaningful quality, like that of home security cameras. This 'upgrade' is not something that can simply be 'flashed' to the car; it would require a full replacement of the camera hardware. Plus the fact that the cameras are all wide-angle lenses - any vids/photos would look awfully distorted.

2) As a theft deterrent system to send you notifications that something happened - sure! But again, the image quality wouldn't be good enough to send you any detailed info (plates or even faces for that matter).

3) Technically photovoltaic car sunshades exist already, but mostly to power mini-fans built-in to the shade for air circulation. There also exists mini-solar panels that store its energy into a small inverter & battery to provide small charges to devices (eg. a laptop/phone). Unfortunately, today's technology for photovoltaics just do not provide enough meaningful charge for say an EV. That and the fact that solar panels only provides DC electricity; you would need a sizeable inverter to convert it to AC. Then there's the question of weight, price, and collapsible size (it is supposed to be a foldable car shade after all) to make for meaningful charges. Now if someone were to make monocrystalline mini-panels that were lightweight and affordable, along with a direct connection to a built-in inverter in the car itself... I'll take credit for that idea if someone invented it!

electron_engineer | 17 February, 2019

WOW Tesla!!! Thanks for listening (suggestion 1 and 2). Sentry mode is definitely a feature that I have wanted since I purchased my model 3!!! Now if we can just get those photovoltaic sunshades.....