Plano, TX Deliveries?

Plano, TX Deliveries?

I heard the new service center in Plano opened. Anyone know if they’ll do deliveries out of there?

Effopec | 4 September, 2018

When I was in the Plano showroom a few weeks ago I was told that they are looking into it, but for now it is still just Cedar Springs.

Jeff.Toyne24 | 4 September, 2018

No, just Cedar Springs. I have heard from a few Tesla employees they would, "like to start delivering to the Plano location in early 2019." I think they need to get their act together with shipping cars to TX (mainly DFW) before they expand their delivery locations.

Rjk | 4 September, 2018

No deliveries at plano SC. Heard from rep at plano showroom that they are trying to figure out how to make it work with the available space. Layout is not conducive to it and space is short.

ailinhnguyen | 18 March, 2020

They are delivery now to plano ... it was an option for my model y