Charging Door won't close

Charging Door won't close

Just picked up a new Model X last week and for the first time this morning I encountered issues with the charging port door not closing. It seems to close about 9/10 of the way before swinging back open. I was able to finally get it closed by helping it along in the end with a slight push; however, this doesn't seem to be right.

Any tricks, or is it my first trip of many to the service center (it's 60 miles)?

Redmiata98 | 12 September, 2018

Before you start your 60 mile trek, try a few things that MIGHT work
1. Reboot the car
2. Do a complete shutdown
3. Open the door from the touchscreen and then close it from the touchscreen
4. Call the number on your Tesla pull down from the touchscreen, they may be able to reset it remotely

jjgunn | 12 September, 2018

That's a new one.

I never touch my charge port door.

Unlock with screen & when I'm done charging it closes automagically.

Something in the hinge area blocking it from closing? If not, follow RedMiata directions

markcohen | 12 September, 2018

Early on I had an issue with the charge port door opening and closing. It is possible that the door has some flashing on it and the door is rubbing on the door frame causing the issue you describe. First, the door has some vertical play on the hinges gently move it up and down and leave it centered. Second, since it could be cause by flashing it may cure itself as it rubs off. If these don't help, the other thing that I can tell you is that this is a repair that they can do with their mobile service. Call your SC and ask about it if my suggestions don't help.

packpike | 13 September, 2018

I had the same problem. After a few weeks of ownership I had to assist the door when it closed or it would pop back open. I had it corrected by mobile service. Apparently it was slightly out of alignment.

Wilber | 13 September, 2018

I vote for Redmiata's #3 - opening and closing it from the touchscreen. this has worked for me. you might need to do it a couple times to get it to properly close. i think the spring might be a little too stiff so when the door is open all nite for charging, it is not so flexible. Of course, if that doesnt work, the other ideas proposed above seem like reasonable next steps.

ragstesla13 | 9 January, 2019

I have exact same problem as @jhoward with my Model X (10 days old), its doesn't close completely. closed upto 9/10 . i ted from touchscreen and form my mobile app to open and close charge port but still same. WIll try to reboot in the morning and see if it fixes.

@jhoward - what did you do to fix this issue?

Vawlkus | 10 January, 2019

Close it manually with your hand. That worked for me. I think it’s a winter only problem, but Tesla can tweak the door to prevent it reoccurring. I had it checked during the summer when I had my annual maintenance and I haven’t had any issues since.

TDUB | 10 January, 2019

I had the same problem. It won't close completely. I figured out it depends on the temperature surrounding. It tends to occur when it's cold, like below 40 degrees.