No LED indicator lights working on Tesla Wall Charger?

No LED indicator lights working on Tesla Wall Charger?

I just had the Tesla Wall Charger installed and there are no LED indicator lights working on the charger. However, a current is flowing through the charger and it charges the car fine. There just isn't any LED status lights lighting up on the Tesla charger.

I looked through the Troubleshooting section in the manual and there isn't any reference to zero LED lights working on the Tesla Wall Charger.

Any ideas what could be the problem? Anybody experience this as well?

rk242 | 21 September, 2018

It's likely that your electrician forgot to hook up the display ribbon cable. Mine forgot this as well, but then realized the issue when the lights were off.

gammadude | 21 September, 2018

The cover has a ribbon cable that needs to be connected to power the LEDs. Maybe it is not connected.

Firewired | 21 September, 2018

Agree with gammadude. If I recall it is right on the backside of the front plate. I would think you could double check it in the instructions.

Jacksonontheroad | 21 September, 2018

Awesome. Thank you for the help. I will have the electrician have a look.

Bassbam | 22 October, 2018

Did you ever fix this problem? I just installed a new Wall Connector. It charges my Model 3 fine at 48A, so the charging function works as it should. However, no LED lights ever came on. I checked the ribbon cable connector to the front sealing cover and it is seated fine. I think I might have received a defective sealing cover while the rest of the unit is working fine. I emailed Tesla about this.

thomas | 21 July, 2019

Any update date.
I've had mine for 2 months fine and all of a sudden the same thing happened here.

Lonestar10_1999 | 21 July, 2019

@thomas- sounds like you need to exchange it for a new one. Let us know if Tesla exchange policy covers the wall charger.

mwaltz | 16 August, 2019

This same issue -- lights suddenly not working after several months of normal operation -- has happened to me. Car is still charging fine, and reset and hard power recycle have had no effect. I have written Tesla an email, and will let you know what they say.

DirkFirkin | 16 August, 2019

I was surprised that the wall connector showed a single green LED even when not in use and all LEDs when charging. IMO this is totally unnecessary use, albeit not much, of electricity. If the connector works and the LEDs don‘t, I wouldn’t worry...

Magic 8 Ball | 16 August, 2019

So our charger is out front and some nights we get over 300 "sentry" events and some nights not. I am almost sure it depends on exactly how the car is positioned in the driveway and how the repeater cams sees the LED waterfall, more investigation needed to confirm.

CaliforniaMaki808 | 16 August, 2019

Why waste electricity showing the LED? If the charger's working properly, forget the LED...just a waste of energy.

Magic 8 Ball | 16 August, 2019

The waterfall looks cool.

kevin_rf | 16 August, 2019

But the LED's are "Green"

Joshan | 16 August, 2019

so let me make sure I have this right....

half the thread is upset the Cable has LED lights

Half the thread is upset the Cable doesn't have working LED lights

And people wonder why companies don't listen to end users very often on design.

Tyerc | 16 August, 2019

There is a circuit board in the WC that powers the led lights as several people have noted, the WC also has a built in ground fault check system. If this is dependent on the circuit board working properly ( connected properly) I’d say “get it checked”. I like glancing at the led’s to confirm the unit has power and is charging if I want to confirm this.

Lonestar10_1999 | 16 August, 2019

The led lights serve a purpose for communicating charger status, so they are not wasteful.

clausenrob | 18 September, 2019

A Tesla certified installer, I have installed about 12 wall chargers, some have been in for two years, the first one with the LED not working just showed up after two months of operation, it's charging well but no light. I'll try to help.
By the way, LED wasting energy, really?

childservice | 28 December, 2019

Any advice is much appreciated: I have a brand new Model 3 Longrange and a just installed Tesla wall charger. The charger light was solid green following installation. On the very first charge the charger connected to the car with the proper LED display and showed up on my phone amp as charging at 48 amp/48 amp. I went for a half hour walk and came back and the charger was dead. No LED's at all. The app said "Check power source" and showed that the charge had stopped shortly after I walked away. I looked at the breaker circuit on the electrical panel but nothing was triggered. I pressed reset for five full seconds on the charger but nothing happened. I reset the breaker circuit but nothing happened. Car works fine but there was no additional charge. Is this the electrician's responsibility or Tesla's, and what might the problem be? Thank you for any response.

Lonestar10_1999 | 28 December, 2019

Sounds like the charger got fried. Maybe exchange it for a new one.

kaffine | 28 December, 2019


First how comfortable are you working around electricity? Do you own a voltmeter?

Is the HPWC connected to the main panel or a subpanel? Main panel is the first panel after the meter or is attached to the meter. Subpanels connect to the main panel.

Did you turn the breaker for it fully off and then back on? Most residential breakers the handle only moves a little when it trips and there is no other indication it tripped. To reset it you have to turn the breaker fully off then back on.

What amps is the breaker rated for?

Is there a disconnect switch near the HPWC?

Did you check it to see if it has breakers or fuses?

If there is a disconnect switch is it on?

If it is connected to a subpanel did you check the breaker for the subpanel at the main panel as well as the breaker in the subpanel for the HPWC?

If you are comfortable working on electricity and have a meter you can remove the cover from the HPWC and check the input to make sure you have 240V between L1 and L2 you can also check between L1 and ground and L2 and ground they should read 120V.