Wall Holster for J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter?

Wall Holster for J1772 to Tesla Charging Adapter?

I use a J1772 charger at my house with the Tesla charging adapter to charge my M3 on a daily basis. I'd like to have a Tesla holster that holds the charging adapter while it is connected to the J1772 handle. Essentially the adapter is always attached and I'd like to hook the thing in to a holster instead of draping it across the top of the EVSE. I tried the one that Tesla sells but it turns out that it is not sized right to hold the charging adapter. Does anyone know if a holster for charging adapter exists?

TexasBob | 23 September, 2018

FWIW, I have one of those wall-mounted garden hose holders I bought at Lowes that is attached to the wall next to where the charge port is. Cost under $5.00, looks nice, works well.

dgilmore | 24 September, 2018 if you have a 3d printer or access to one that should work. I might have to print myself one.

Jiver | 24 September, 2018

@dennis That looks like exactly what I need. Unfortunately I do not have access to a 3D printer. I am quite ignorant to the 3D printing universe. I will see if I can figure out how to get one made.

travler | 11 June, 2019

I'm in this same situation. Anyone found a wall mount/holder that fits the adapter well? All the ones I've read about on Amazon seem to 1) not work with adapter, and 2) basically be the same, rebranded.


jimglas | 11 June, 2019

I use the handlebars on my bike which is hanging on the wall. Works fine.

howard | 11 June, 2019

I use the one from Tesla and it works great. I just put it in and let it hang.

Jiver, if it is not working for you it might be defective.

kevin_rf | 11 June, 2019

@Jiver & @travler, there are several places that will 3d for a fee... Google 3d Printing services. Some are geared towards simple 3d printing jobs like this.

howard | 11 June, 2019

I can print a few if needed.

calvin940 | 11 June, 2019


Exactly what I did. It works sooo well and has a nice style even, though mine was $15 :D

howard | 11 June, 2019

dgilmore, thanks for the link. Printed one for the shop. Two hour print time in standard mode PLA Pro.

It works great!

Jiver | 11 June, 2019

@howard Can you tell if it will hold the J1772 adapter while it is attached to a J1772 plug? That is my issue. The Tesla one will not (or at least not for me). The wide base of the adapter causes it not to fit in the Tesla plug designed slot.

Jiver | 11 June, 2019

I downloaded the plans from the link above and there is a picture of it holding the adapter whilst it is attached to a plug in the zip file. I just learned that my local library offers 3D printing for the cost of materials so I'll take in the stl file and see what happens.

Thanks to everyone for reviving my thread and to @howard in particular for giving me hope.

howard | 11 June, 2019

Jiver, since it has a pass through at the top I would think so. I have left the office but will check in the am. I printed another one. If you want it I am happy to send it. Though you might enjoy the print process.

howard | 12 June, 2019
Jiver | 12 June, 2019

@howard Thanks for the offer. I'm going to give my library a try at printing. If that doesn't work out I'll let you know!

Jiver | 26 June, 2019

I picked up my printed holder from the library last night. It cost me $2.15. It looks like it is going to do what I want it to do quite well. The most difficult part of the process was finding long enough screws in my junk pile to fit through the holder and drywall and into a stud. 3" screws would work fine. I had some 4" screws so I went with those. Thanks everyone for your input.