Took delivery, amazing, but a few small issues

Took delivery, amazing, but a few small issues

Finally took delivery. I am coming off back to back BMW 3 series, both with xDrive. And unfortunately for BMW, they are no longer the ultimate driving machine. The ride of my new 3 (dual motor/nonP) is off the charts.

I drove down from WI to pick up in Highland Park, and it was a bit of a zoo, but the inclusion of Tesla owners volunteering made the experience so good. Friendly and helpful and genuinely excited for us.

The only bit of a bummer? Some fairly deep scratches in the windshield, a paint chip on the passenger side door, and a small dent in the metal on the roof edge. They weren't able to fix it right then, so I'm scheduling an appointment to take it back in and get those things fixed. Sounds like I'll need to leave it with them for a couple days.

Absolutely amazed with the car though, and the quality of the people we met - both volunteer owners as well as Tesla staff.

ayamanita | 30 September, 2018

Yikes! I'm not even sure if I would have taken deliver of that car! I'm sure they'll fix everything, but that's a lot of issues. My only issue was where they seemed to have snagged the fabric on the dash (up front by the windshield) when installing the registration and inspection stickers. The glass roof sections are different widths too, but that appears to be the same on other Model 3's. I might actually go back to the delivery center to take a look. Some trim to hide it would have been nice. It's actually weird that there's no trim around the glass. It's not a great look, regardless of whether or not the sections match. That's probably the only thing that I don't like visually about the car.

Bighorn | 30 September, 2018

Refused delivery for a couple cosmetic issue?! That would have been nuts , especially if the OP had been waiting 2.5 years for this day.

Hammonddave | 30 September, 2018

I took delivery six weeks ago. They asked me to schedule a service call to correct several cosmetic issues and a couple of mechanical ones. My car has been in their service and body shop for three weeks now!

I suggest that you do indeed refuse delivery.

It is obvious that Tesla is not ready for their expansive growth. With all these cars rolling off the assembly line they do not have enough service centers to support all these cars.

mattherrmanndesign | 30 September, 2018

@Hammonddave - 3 weeks! Wow! That's insane. Sorry to hear about it. Hopefully you get it back soon. Thanks for sharing.

rxlawdude | 30 September, 2018

@Hammonddave, did you neglect to mention that Tesla provided you with a substitute vehicle?