Charging on a trip

Charging on a trip

I had a 14-50 plug installed in my garage along with a hose hanger to hang my charger wire. Left my adaptors in the car. I charge at home every few days.
In what situation might I need to have the cord with me when I’m traveling and expect to charge elsewhere?

Bighorn | 30 September, 2018

North Dakota or an error in judgment at a supercharger

Bighorn | 30 September, 2018

Or charging at a friend’s

HairyPiano | 30 September, 2018

I haven’t ventured out to a Supercharger yet. Will I need it there?

MaxEV | 30 September, 2018

You neither need need your mobile connector nor any adaptors to charge at a supercharger.

I recommend you keep your J-1772 adaptor in your car since you will need that to charge at many charging stations (including ChargePoint, etc.).

I also recommend you plug your car in whenever it is in your garage.

Bighorn | 30 September, 2018

No—the only time I use it, and I travel extensively, is at friends’ houses to save time to allow for longer visits.

jdcollins5 | 30 September, 2018

I have a 14-50 outlet at home and use the UMC. When I travel I pack the UMC “just in case”.

msmith55 | 2 October, 2018

Most people buy a separate UMC to avoid plugging and unplugging to the 14-50, as they can go bad in as few as 50 connections/disconnection. But a new 14-50 is about $10 or twice that for a heavy duty.

deezeela | 2 October, 2018

@msmith55 please elaborate :"as they can go bad in as few as 50 connections/disconnection".

I unplug the supplied charger from 14-50 plug once finish charging, I assume it will damage the transformer(?, the big bulky thing near the plug) if it was keep plugging in..

stevenmaifert | 2 October, 2018

To answer the OPs question... When you get off the beaten path and need to charge at an RV park or campground with RV hook-ups. They most often will be a NEMA 14-50 outlet so you charge with the UMC and the NEMA 14-50 adapter: The picture is from Gouldings Campground at Monument Valley, UT.

jordanrichard | 2 October, 2018

Deezeela, leave your UMC plugged into the outlet. It will not harm it at all. Mine stays plugged in except when I take it with me for the annual service. Been do that fro over 4 years now.

gmr6415 | 2 October, 2018

I also purchased the UMC adapters for the most common dryer plugs and made a 30 amp 30 foot extension cord that I carry with me on trips. On my first trip it came in handy. The people we were staying with had a laundry room next to their garage. I could park in the garage and between the 20 foot UMC cord and the 30 foot extension I made I had about 5 feet to spare after hooking up to their dryer plug.

amatiych | 2 October, 2018

In 4 .5 years of driving Model S (just traded in to M3) I have never had to use my Mobile connector anywhere except for home.

bgbythsea | 2 October, 2018

Buy an extra set to keep in the car for flexibility and peace of mind. Mine came in handy when I rented a mountain cabin. It had a 110v exterior outlet that topped up the battery,

elecfan2 | 2 October, 2018

I plan to travel all over, I'd humbly disagree...order some of the extra plugs you think you might need. I plan to be in places where Superchargers aren't available and want to make sure of a smooth charging experience.

ColonyGolfer | 3 October, 2018

Better safe than sorry.....I made a trip from FL to MA and brought my cord, as well as a 20' NEMA extension cord. They take up very little room. Never needed either, but I had a little peace of mind.

sailoray531 | 3 January, 2019

I was playing with my mobile connector to be sure I knew how to use it for my first long trip--PA to Florida. Apparently I do not. I plugged in one of the adaptors and now cannot unplug it. If the manual addresses this, I could not decipher it. Any thoughts?