How strong is Sto N sho front license plate mounting bracket strength with just being screwed into plastic.

How strong is Sto N sho front license plate mounting bracket strength with just being screwed into plastic.

I've been lookin at the sto n sho bracket for front plate on Model 3. Has anyone got one yet and how solid is the plastic it screws into under the front of the car? The other question is how well do you think it will hold up if you hit snow drifts? Will it push back into the front of the car or is it pretty solid. I suppose putting a rubber pad in back of it would prevent it from damaging anything behind it. Looks like a nice bracket but kind of pricey.

lilbean | 13 October, 2018

This one looks better, in my opinion and won't push snow because it sits higher.

wiboater4 | 13 October, 2018

I like the lower look better and don't like the idea of bolting to the grille. That one's even higher priced. Think if mounting it that high I'd just use the stock plate mount.

CharleyBC | 13 October, 2018

My concern with Sto n Sho and other low-mounted designs is how much they impede airflow into the grille, and what that might mean to the temperature management systems. Purely theoretical—I have no data.

lilbean | 13 October, 2018

@CharleyBC I was thinking the same thing. The guy doing the installation video talks about that and explains the the louvres open and close behind the grill. The bandit doesn't impede the airflow.

ODWms | 13 October, 2018

I definitely like The Bandit. Both the airflow and appearance issues are better in my opinion. I like the idea of the bracket being up high like the original.

I’m concerned about drilling into the bumper cover and also the adhesive solution because I have paint protection film on the bumper cover.

The prices on both are crazy high though.

wiboater4 | 14 October, 2018

After thinking about it a couple of days I just put the factory plate mount on the front. I paid for personalized plates ( NON GAS ) and want to show them . I couldn't find enough info on if blocking the vent made a difference. I was considering making my own mount from aluminum that would work like the sto n sho. Another guy had a you tube video that showed how to slightly modify the stock mount to fit over the grille area but that again was blocking the grille. It was a good modification though and almost no cost to do it. Mounting it stock might keep someone from damaging the front when backing up in a parking stall and is probably more sturdy as far as snow drifts. I'll get used to the look. Don't think it is all that bad .

chadcristi | 18 October, 2018

The Slipstream Bracket for Model 3 (and Model X) from The Tesla Grin, LLC is a new solution and is definitely stronger. It installs and locks securely into place in 60 seconds using the included L-key. Registered Tesla forum members can get the introductory discount if you use code TESLA15.

jmzmartin | 18 October, 2018

The Slipstream looks like a great option. Has anyone tried it out yet? There's a 32 day trial period. I may just take a chance on it since I'm not a huge fan of the OEM bracket. Plus the Sto n Sho would likely scrape against every angled driveway I have to enter in my area.

wayne | 18 October, 2018

I bought “The Law”. Overpriced but high quality aluminum. Unfortunately clamps onto the flimsy plastic grill which is the weak point.

gballant4570 | 18 October, 2018

I am still riding on the 60 day temp tag, and so have not actually had to make this decision. However, after following these kinds of threads, and looking at the available options, I believe I'll just use the Tesla supplied front plate mount. I don't want to interrupt the air flow, and I don't want to clamp onto the plastic grill parts. And I don't want to be pyulled over for not having a front tag at an inopportune time.

Sunergy-NJ | 18 October, 2018

I got this No-Hole Tesla Model 3 Front License Plate Installation kit on Ebay. $13. Basically just a couple of long bolts with toggle/wing bolts. But it's nice and low, so you can see the front bumper nicely, but not too low to worry about curb or snow scraping.The bumper is sort of the Model 3's signature feature so I don't want to cover it. I painted the toggles black just to make them a bit more invisible behind the grill. Feels very secure, looks great. And only 13 bucks!

sroh | 18 October, 2018

I did the same as Sunergy-NJ. It works great, especially if you are planning on installing temporarily. No drilling, no tape, easy to install and remove. I plan to use when parking in SF. Someone on TMC posted that you can just buy this at a hardware store. $3 plus you can pick up immediately.