Climate deniers lose bets against Scientists. Taking Candy from a baby.

Climate deniers lose bets against Scientists. Taking Candy from a baby.

Mike83 | 7 August, 2019

Ironic that fossil fuels are now becoming uneconomical. This article suggests you need oil at $9/barrel to compete.

Another article about Jay Leno makes the case for our American company Tesla:

SCCRENDO | 8 August, 2019
Mike83 | 13 August, 2019
Mike83 | 17 August, 2019

94.6 F Arctic circle record. July 2019 the hottest ever recorded. Hard to hide this but fossil fuel addicts sure try.

andy.connor.e | 19 August, 2019

Thats pretty hot. No wonder there were very short periods of massive amounts of ice melt in the past.

Mike83 | 22 October, 2019
andy.connor.e | 22 October, 2019

The same way the food industry deceives us.

Tesla-David | 22 October, 2019

Yep another article showing that EXXON knowingly deceived Investors on AGW/Climate Emergency. The good news is that they may be on the hook to pay damages.

"An unprecedented climate change lawsuit against American oil giant Exxon Mobil is set to go ahead in New York."

I sincerely hope they are bankrupted!

Mike83 | 22 October, 2019

60 years of deception and brainwashing people to believe in them. So disappointing. Hopefully some justice will come out of this crap.

Mike83 | 22 October, 2019

The most disgusting part is the actions by fossil fuel companies to prevent real competition from developing alternative energy, fake news attempts to smear Tesla, Imagine how far we could have been in those 6 decades if free competition without the fossil fuel cartel throwing monkey wrenches in every advancement. The truth will always come out.

Tesla-David | 23 October, 2019

Yes, it makes me sad beyond belief to think where might be if we had acted then. More info on the EXXON case and other despicable Oil companies.

"The case is a landmark moment for climate litigation, marking the first climate fraud case to go to trial. New York Attorney General Letitia James and her office allege that Exxon defrauded investors by essentially keeping two sets of books."

Also other ongoing litigation:

Baltimore vs. BP

"Let’s start with the other big case making news on Tuesday. The city of Baltimore sued BP and 26 other oil majors that also include Exxon, Shell, Marathon, Chevron, and more. The city is seeking money to deal with, among other things, the rising sea levels, more intense heat waves, and more heavy downpours. The suit alleges the companies “have known for half a century” how their products have befouled the climate while engaging in a “coordinated, multi-front effort to conceal and deny their knowledge of the threats” while screwing the public.
The suit was filed last year, and the oil companies have since tried to get it dismissed, including petitioning the United States Supreme Court for a stay and moving the case from state to federal court. The Supreme Court denied the stay on Tuesday meaning the case can proceed to discovery while attorneys haggle over whether it stays in the state court system or gets moved to the federal one."

Colorado Counties vs. Suncor:

"Last year, a group of Colorado counties filed the first non-coastal climate lawsuit against a fossil fuel company. Like the Baltimore case, it’s focused on getting Big Oil to pay for climate damages, though Colorado’s concerns are a bit different. While coastal areas are worried about rising seas, the Mountain West will have to contend with disappearing snowpack and its impact on water supplies and tourism as well as increasing risks of major wildfires.
Exxon is again a defendant in this case along with the Canadian tar sand company Suncor. And like the Baltimore case, the defendants tried to get the case bumped to federal court to no avail; and just last week, they tried to get the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene. We’ll have to wait to find out if it will work this time."

Rhode Island vs. Chevron:

"New York isn’t the only state suing oil companies. Rhode Island got in on the action last year. The state sued Chevron and other fossil fuel companies it says are responsible for nearly 15 percent of greenhouse gas pollution emitted globally between 1965 and 2015. The state wants money to deal with the impacts of climate change, particularly along its 400 miles of coastline."

Very interesting article: "The new science fossil fuel companies fear"

A new tack on assigning climate change culpability"

"Attribution science is now about to receive a very real test in the courts, as cities, states and ordinary citizens across the world are using it to try to send fossil fuel companies the bill for climate change damage."

Mike83 | 23 October, 2019

Great links @Tesla-David This reminds of the old 6000+ page thread on Who Pays for the Effects of Global Warming when we could post pics, graphs and such.
Maybe justice will be served.