Features of Telsa Trail

Features of Telsa Trail

A lot of people have figured out that Tesla limits some features through software. Including but not limited to battery, autopilot, and speed. (I think it's a good marketing strategy)
It would be cool if there could be trials to test them out though. Tesla already does this but it is somewhat limited.
Instead of time based trials they should be based off a usage amount, for example 10 miles of autopilot. (Could also be amount of times parked, etc.)

Another thing that would be nice would be paid trials. For example if i'm going on trip, I would be able to temporarily upgrade the battery for the trip, without paying the full price.
This would not only make people more likely to completely upgrade, but allow another small source of income for Tesla.

reed_lewis | 29 October, 2018

First, the only battery that can be unlocked is the 60 and 70 kWh batteries that were made during late 2016 and after. Anything else cannot be upgraded at all.

Secondly, the acceleration of the car is determined by hardware typically, not software. They cannot provide more acceleration at will.

As to autopilot trials, perhaps someday they will do this, but it will most likely be a time based offer. | 29 October, 2018

I have heard of the Oregon Trail and the Chisholm Trail, but not this Tesla Trail. Where is it located?

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