Tire Pumps

Tire Pumps

The PSI for the Model S is 45lbs pressure. I burnt out the motor on my portable tire pump that I have used for years. Any recommendations, Tesla owners, for a portable pump that can plug into the car?

Yodrak. | 31 October, 2018

I bought the Tesla emergency flat tire kit, which includes such a pump, in part because it didn't cost me anything due to paying for it with the credit I got for using a referral. I hope I never have to use it. At home, when I have to add air to the tires, I use a 120 volt 30 year-old portable Sears air compressor.

SCCRENDO | 31 October, 2018

I use the Tesla compressor as well

Mauler | 31 October, 2018

I recently got the Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump. Ordered from Amazon. It was one of a few recommended by other forum members in a another thread dealing with how to handle flat tires.

jordanrichard | 1 November, 2018

Tesla pump. It is two products in one. You can use it as a compressor and should the need arise, you can use the compressor to then pump the tire sealant into the tire. This is better than having a separate can of sealant because you get less sealant in those cans because they have to make room for the propellant gas. Also, the tire pressure gauge on the Tesla pump lights up.

lilbean | 1 November, 2018

I use a Black and Decker pump. It is quite an ordeal because I lose 2 psi just trying to release it from the valve stem. No fun. I have the Tesla one too but I haven’t tried it.

Pepperidge | 1 November, 2018

I have a Ryobi 18V battery operated one in my M3.