Auto-lock disable option on home wifi

Auto-lock disable option on home wifi

There should be an option to disable the auto-lock feature if you are on your home wifi network. I rarely have my phone on me when I am at home so it can be frustrating to not be able to get in my car.

EVRider | 4 November, 2018

You can always disable auto lock everywhere if it bothers you too much. One issue with making auto lock work differently at home is that it probably can’t tell if you’re in your garage vs. your driveway, where you might want auto locking enabled.

jjt2122 | 4 November, 2018

The Tesla model 3 has multiple bluetooth connections coming from the car, if you open your phone and check Bluetooth connections, you will see 4 random connections with series of number and letters, each connection is for different reasons, I’m not 100 percent what each one is for, but I do know one is for distance to know when u walk away from your car, I’ve tested it and when i walk about 15-20 feet away, the car auto locks and one of those Bluetooth connections disconnects.

roger.klurfeld | 5 November, 2018

@jjt2122 I have only one instance of my Model 3 under Bluetooth on my phone.I'm running Android Pie. When I go into details, I show 4 sliders, for turning on or off Phone calls, Media audio, HD audio, and Contact sharing. The screen also shows the MAC address of my Model 3.

Don't you carry the keycard when you are home?

GpsGuy | 5 November, 2018

I would love an auto-lock disable at home. I've disabled auto-unlock entirely, because every time I walked into my garage the car would lock/unlock. But I *do* want auto-lock when I'm away from home. And I don't care if the at-home feature doesn't know if I'm in garage/driveway/sidewalk, I dont want it auto-locking at home, period.
Please add this Tesla!

jpalermo | 5 November, 2018

They do geofencing for scheduled charging already, so they could do the same thing for autolocking. UI for enabling that would probably be confusing and complicated though, so we probably won't see that ever since you don't want people to be confused about when and where they car will be locked.

bradbomb | 5 November, 2018

As others have said, its safer not to have that option. Someone who parks in a driveway and is able to connect to their WiFi from there would have their car not auto-lock. Now people will be like well don't have the option turned on then. I would counter that what other car behaves that way currently? If you want easy access to your car in your garage, disable auto-lock in general, but making that option leaves the problem that some people will accidentally have it on, not know their car was left unlocked all night and then be furious if they have stuff stolen from their cars, if their interior is vandalized, or worse the whole car is stolen. Also, if its dependent on WiFi, it would also have to have an option to pick which WiFi network is home if you connect to multiple WiFi networks.

ODWms | 6 November, 2018

I see nothing wrong with it being an option for those who want it.. I’d have no use for it, personally. But I can see how sone would benefit.

kb | 5 August, 2019

I would LOVE if Tesla added this feature! I like having the auto-lock on but it is such a pain at home when parked in my garage and I don't want to have to mess with the settings every time I get home to achieve the same results. Hopefully it will be rolled out in a future update!

rfpmoxie | 5 August, 2019

Hello, I may have misunderstood the question but on my P.C. I use "Tesla Control" Windows 10 App and although I haven't tried it for this it may be helpful.

Joseb | 5 August, 2019

There's a Windows 10 App? what?

rfpmoxie | 6 August, 2019

I found the Tesla Control app on a google search. Seemingly, it controls temp/locks/charging, etc. I've only used it to check SOC from my PC. Additionally, it shows my "odometer" and firmware version.

steve | 6 August, 2019

I agree it's a bit of a pain to have the car locked in the garage but might be interesting if it were tied to the action of opening the garage door via the car.

abbie | 14 October, 2019

I too think the Auto-Lock in my garage is a royal pain. Sometimes, I unlock the passenger door to put something in the car, and by the time I walk around the car to open the driver's door, the car locks itself. It's really annoying! There should be an option to disable Auto-Lock if the car is within range of a specific wifi network (e.g. your home wifi). I don't buy the reasons posted above about security. Obviously, if you don't park inside a secure garage, you shouldn't enable this feature. C'mon Tesla what's the problem?!

steveishere | 14 October, 2019

Ditto this; there is an option to disable auto sentry mode at home/work; I don't see why the similar option shouldn't be made for auto lock...

Other than this minor nuisance it's a very useful feature...