20” versus 22”

20” versus 22”

I’m considering investing into a set of 20” rims to lower my energy consumption. How much can I expect in savings? Currently driving a P90DL with 22” wheels in mild San Diego weather... I’m averaging 400-420 Wh/m for my driving style...

Passion2Fly | 4 November, 2018

I also own a LR RWD M3. I’m getting 230-250 Wh/m with the little sister... I’m starting to avoid driving the X unless absolutely necessary (afterschool activities, hauling, etc...)... But, I do prefer the comfort of the X...

lilbean | 4 November, 2018

I'm getting 215.

Uncle Paul | 4 November, 2018

5-10% more efficient, depending on your driving.

Car will drive more smoothly with less impact harshness, but handling will not be as crisp with the smaller wheels.

Smaller wheels will also get longer life.

Passion2Fly | 4 November, 2018

Yes, good point. I tested my friend's MX with 20" and it does feel a little less glued to the road as the 22" rims... For performance, larger rims are always desirable due to a better surface contact. Unfortunately, range suffers...

bonhari03 | 4 November, 2018

My condolences for having to switch to 20” wheels. Sure, range is better with Miss Daisy’s wheels but try to cut your cool points losses by getting some dark ones.

SF-CA | 12 November, 2018

I just switched to 22s on my X and the handling feels much better. Its a nice stiff solid ride vs the 20s.

caikangze407 | 12 November, 2018

MX is too soft compare with BMW X5 M-sport. 22" + 100D is the best combo.

sschaem | 12 November, 2018

If you have two set of wheels, would it be best to have 19" with winter tires + 22" performance for summer,
VS using 20" with all weather tires ?

MZS | 1 December, 2018

Just earned 22" wheels via referral codes, how do they do in winter/snow? Not sure if I should sell them or use them?

inconel | 1 December, 2018

The 22" tires are more performance oriented. If you have 22" and live where temperature drops below 40 I would keep them for the warmer months and switch to winter tires from Nov to Mar. Put winter tires on your original 20" wheels.