Model 3 won't start!

Model 3 won't start!


This afternoon I stepped into my car and got a series of following errors:
- Unable to charge
- Charging disabled
- Reduced power
- Car needs service
I could not drive the car and was stuck at work about 3 hours on call with Tesla and getting them to send a tow truck and dropping it off at service center after hours.

I saw a few other posts and seems like this is a common problem with model 3.

Its only 3 months old and very low miles. I have never had a tow truck come for a stalled car in almost 15 years. So I was really unhappy about it.
I have seen other owners report similar problems with model 3. Will report what they find at the service center.

Coastal Cruiser. | 12 November, 2018

Thanx for the report Prady. Please get as many details as you can. Wishing you are back on the road soon.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 November, 2018

This is a very uncommon issue. There are over 100,000 on the road without issues and maybe only a handful with the issue you describe.

82bert | 13 November, 2018

I think the word “common” is being grossly misused here and honestly many other threads.

David N | 13 November, 2018

Keep us posted on the outcome

gtbuzz | 13 November, 2018

Stinks that it happened to you, but I don't think I would describe this as a "common" problem. Of all the m3 owners I know and have dealt with, not a single person has had a problem like you describe.

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes and if it happened to me, I'd be pretty upset as well, but these things happen, no matter what brand. Tesla will take care of you and fix whatever went wrong. Obvously ask for a loaner if not outright offered one.

jimglas | 13 November, 2018

My BMW used to die regularly. Eventually they put in a new computer and it only died occasionally.
Towed to dealer at least 7 times.
I hope you get your issue sorted out quickly, but this is NOT a "common problem with the model 3"
Nor is it unique to tesla or EVs

maitry | 15 November, 2018

When I talked to the advisor after dropping of the car, it seems they already knew what the problem was. They said its most likely the 12V battery.
Got an update today that they are replacing the power conversion unit and will test it after that to make sure nothig else is wrong. Car is still in repairs.

Thanks to everyone who responded. We love the car. I am not going to argue whether the word "common" is misused or not. My point was its a fairly expensive car to have problems such early on and was simply upset about that. I know tesla will fix it. This is our second trip already to the service center in last 3 months for different problems and have no complains about their service. Yes takes longer which is understandable due to the large number of cars on roads in last few months.

CorkChop | 15 November, 2018

Sorry this happened to you and I am glad to see that Tesla worked quickly to get your car towed and worked on.

I am sort of surprised they did not detect the problem before it happened. Seems like if charging the 12V battery was faulty it would have reported this up to the mother ship and in turn contacted you before you noticed the problem. Even if it was through the app, email or an automated phone call, you could have prepared for the worse and dealt with it before it caused you to be stranded. I don't know, with all the car can do, don't see why this would be difficult to achieve.

Atoms | 15 November, 2018

12V batteries die every 2 years in Phoenix on all of our cars. I have to catch it at the first off sound during starting and immediately replace so not to be stranded. It has been a long time since I’ve had to be towed. In this case Mobile service could have come out and replaced the battery and got you going. Hard to tell though from the beginning.
Mine is in the shop for AC thermal expansion cracklings of the dash. Got an ICE, but no complaints.

agkulcz | 15 November, 2018

I think we need to start thinking about these cars just like all other electronic devices and not like traditional cars - especially their electrical components which in this case is the entire drivetrain and all electronics. It will either fail in the first weeks/months or work for years without failure. That's how most electronic and electrical systems work - small percentage of them have some undetected flaw and fail very quickly and vast majority don't have any flaws and just work without issues for years barring some external, out of ordinary condition that they get subjected to.

ArcticStation | 15 November, 2018

Similar issue here. This is what I found early one morning late last week:
-Charge Port Door Needs Service
-Unable to Charge
-Contact Tesla Service
I called as soon as Tesla Service opened that morning--no wait
They confirmed the problem and dispatched a contracted tow from the SC (250 miles away).
SC arranged for a rental, Enterprise picked me up and issued me a Giant SUV.
Tow arrived that afternoon and left with my car. SC called me that evening (7:00 PM) to confirm car had arrived.
Waited a week while the Charge Port and the Power Conversion Unit were ordered and then replaced.
On day eight (earlier tonight), SC called--car is ready to go, but recommend we wait a day for delivery due to a major Nor'easter headed our way tonight through tomorrow (concurred).
Was this failure an inconvenience? Yes. However, in my experience, it's not unique. I've had issues early on with almost all new car's I've owned. The big difference is that I've always had a very responsive dealer nearby, not 250 miles away. This is the one concern that kept me from buying a Tesla earlier--could they really support me when the nearest SC is located 250 miles from my home? Looks like they can.

thedrisin | 15 November, 2018

Only 500mi to date. So far, so good. I don't understand how some people have had issues with every new car they owned. Bad karma. I have never had trouble with any new car and hope that it stays that way.

garibaldi | 15 November, 2018

Batteries die all the tine, but for ICE cars you can jump start it or, worst case scenario, replace it in place. I hope Tesla figures out a way to fix this w/o taking them back to the SC because it's going to happen a lot in 3-5 years. | 30 January, 2019

@ArcticStation: my model 3 died 1/17/19 in my garage. same deal: couldn't get it into Transport Mode, so the towing company jumped the 12V battery long enough to put it Transport Mode and load it on the truck. It's been at the SC in Matthews for 2+ days now. I'm frustrated because the service technicians won't tell me anything. They just keep saying they're running diagnostics and 'working with the Engineering team'. That's not very comforting to here. I have a loaner ICE from Tesla, but I miss my Tesla!

tonyong99 | 15 September, 2019

Well, my model 3 just died today. First the touch screen was not responsive. Rebooted the system by holding down the two buttons on the screen resulted in a dead car. Won't start anymore. Battery is almost full. Any ideas?

leo33 | 15 September, 2019

You're asking this forum for ideas? Seriously? Um, maybe call Tesla service?

edhchoe | 15 September, 2019

It is probably the 20mm x 20mm CPU cooling fan that seized up.

M3NOICE | 16 September, 2019

If you haven't done already, call Roadside Assistance and take it to service.

I had similar problem last week, car was jump started (12V) and I drove it to SC with towing truck following me. Got a loaner, still waiting for any troubleshooting results.