Cant leave "Customer Service Hell"

Cant leave "Customer Service Hell"

So, I'm still having to deal with Tesla to resolve issues, and the process is an ongoing Kafkaesque nightmare.
When everything goes right, Tesla is great. When something, anything goes wrong, you enter "Customer Hell".

To this day, I cant understand why Tesla is to cheap to hire a receptionist at their Tesla service center, and put in place check and balance.

When service or sale is not available you should hear "Can I direct your call or take a message ?" and absolute worse case 10 min later

"This is Tesla calling you back, the party that can address your inquiry as been notified and is expected to call you back by XXX.
You are welcome to leave a direct message to "John smith" at extension XXX if you have not heard back from him"

Now.. its a nightmarish black hole, going from nobody answering to being transfer to headquarter and waiting 30min to get to someone that cant help you.
Over and over again....

So.. for a guy that plan to put people on MARS, this is the best we get on earth ?

And I have been at service center where Tesla people where around the phone while its ringing and no one pick it up.
where are the check and balance ? Is there someone at Tesla every week reviewing call wait time, satisfaction on call outcome, etc.. ?
I never once in the past 4 month been asked for my satisfaction, or proposed a survey.... How in the world does Tesla address customer process issues ?

And I know I'm not alone... I have a model X loaner for the past month, and I heard to many horror story at super charger station
The most dramatic was one lady that walked away saying "I cant relieve this" after the conversation got to "How was your buying experience"

Anyways, I should not have to be venting my frustration on the company website, that the company doesn't even monitor as my best option.

Why Tesla ... just why... Its not rockert science.

You might think. "so much drama. every business work like this. Tesla is not any worse."

Well, I paid for my X in full in September (ordered in august)... still does not have it... I'm told its requires paint retouching before I can pick it up.
(BTW, I'm on my THIRD loaner because of failure in the past month waiting for the delivery.
Now that bring confidence to have two model X from the service center break on you while waiting for your own X)

But my Tesla energy experience is worse by far... and this has been so much more frustrating and time consuming.

Right now, I'm supposed to take delivery of my X next week....and I'm dreading the moment.
And I now also have to fight to get my solar project to move forward or be canceled.

Its depressing as an investor to think that I might have to take up Elon on his word and request a refund for my car, even before I ever drove a mile in it.
Same goes with my solar project....

humm.. I have an idea... Maybe Tesla can add an option to the Model X buying menu .

"Have your car inspected & assembled to spec before delivery" $10,000

I would buy that option. And I'm serious. I already paid $175K for the car. 10K to have it painted right and assembled without dips, pop , and alignment problem is worth it.

lilbean | 18 November, 2018

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