12 Volt Battery Needs Service - Again!

12 Volt Battery Needs Service - Again!

Getting this alarm again! Tesla sent a ranger out earlier this year and replaced the battery, and a related firmware update was done. So this will be the third 12 V battery for this car! We also have a Model S (delivered in 12/2016) that is still on its original 12 V battery, and both cars have Blackvue dashcams. Anyone else seeing this?

shawncordell | 8 December, 2018

How is the dashcam wired on the model 3?

rxlawdude | 8 December, 2018

Sounds like the known issue when dashcam are not connected properly.

Or, bad DC converter.

JPPTM | 8 December, 2018

Your installer probably installed your Blackvue by tapping power directly from the Model 3 12 V battery--a major no-no. This is OK on the X and S, but the 3 has a very different electrical system design. This is known to kill the 12 V battery, and Tesla will not fix this for free. You must go back to your installer and have them disconnect the wiring. They have a choice--tap into the power in the headliner at the emergency flasher button/mike, or get the Blackvue battery pack, then hook up your Blackvue to the camera, and the battery pack to a switched 12 V supply (like the cigarette lighter/12 v source in the center console).

Coastal Cruiser. | 8 December, 2018
charles.a.braun | 9 December, 2018

@Pluzin - I went through two 12V batteries pretty quick due to my BlackVue. Tesla replaced them as "goodwill" but told me i would have to pay for the third if I didn't disconnect the 3rd party device.

I think May was the 2nd replacement.

At the time I decided that i would just unplug the camera whenever i was home and parked in my garage and I stuck a post it note on my monitor to remind me to plug in each morning.

Now that we have the calendar feature I have a "Meeting" every day at 7AM to plug the camera in. So every time I get in the car my calendar pops up on the screen and the 1st appointment I see is the reminder to plug in.

Then on my phone I have a location based reminder at each of my homes so that when I pull into my driveway a reminder chimes on my phone to unplug.

Otherwise the camera is plugged in all day, while at work etc but there is no need to record the inside of my dark garage while home and I have not seen the 12V error message since I started the above practice.

jordanrichard | 9 December, 2018

Hence why I wouldn’t let anyone tap into the wiring of the car......

plugzin | 9 December, 2018

We had Calibred Customs do the Blackvue installation. Seems I need to get back with them about it. Thought I saw earlier that they had a way to get power for these that would avoid the battery problem. The last time Tesla replaced the battery, nothing was said about the dashcam, which was in plain view.

Coastal Cruiser. | 9 December, 2018

plugzin, the trick is to tap off the DC-DC converter, which draws power from the traction battery, not the 12v battery. which Check the video I linked to earlier. ;>

plugzin | 10 December, 2018