Model 3 front seat height

Model 3 front seat height

I’m a new Model 3 owner. It’s a great car and I’m so happy we got it. One thing that bugs me though is the front seat height. I realize there’s a battery underneath and you can’t ride extremely low. I also appreciate the pano roof because otherwise my head would be scraping the roof. It would still be nicer to go lower. I’ve searched google for this and haven’t come up with anything. Maybe this is a better forum. Has anyone had experience lowering the front seats aftermarket? I mean, Elon’s a tall guy wouldn’t this be an issue for him? :)

acasano | 10 December, 2018

I am 5'-8" and set the seat in my M3 as high as it can go.

acasano | 10 December, 2018

I am 5'-8" and set the seat in my M3 as high as it can go.

hokiegir1 | 10 December, 2018

The seat height is adjustable to a point. On the lowest setting, you are pretty much seat-depth from the floor. I'm not sure how much lower you would want it? I'd think the only option from there would be to replace the seat or have some of the padding shaved out of it?

goatea | 10 December, 2018

I’m 6’2” so raising it all the way would put me though the roof! #tallpeopleproblems

Yes, I thought about a seat replacement or removing padding aftermarket. I’ve felt underneath the seat though, and there’s very little room. I might have to wait a few month, my wife would kill me we just got the car.

derotam | 10 December, 2018

You could have your legs broken and take a piece out to make yourself shorter.

Hey, it's just another option.... :)

M3BlueGeorgia | 10 December, 2018

I'm 6'3" and don't have the seat on its lowest setting.

What problem is the OP trying solve. It isn't clear.
Are they unusually short or unusually tall?

CharleyBC | 10 December, 2018

Like the OP, I'm also 6-2. I'm quite happy with my seat position. Maybe it's all what you're coming from. This seat is lower than my previous car (Honda CR-V) or our other car (Prius). It certainly doesn't feel too high to me, and I have lots of headroom.

I do have Easy Entry set higher than my driving position, since that aids my aging creaky body in getting in and out.

eplaskett | 10 December, 2018

I am 5'11 and have the front of the seat cushion set as high as possible for maximum thigh support. Rear of the seat cushion is probably somewhere in the middle to help take some stress off my tailbone. Seat back is pretty much bolt upright.

I do use Easy Entry and have it lower the seat to make ingress and egress a bit easier, but while I am seated behind the wheel with the seat set to my normal driving position, it's nowhere close to being too high.

goatea | 10 December, 2018

Sorry if it wasn’t clear. I’m tall and my torso is long so I’m riding higher than I’d like to. Legroom is fine. Removing a couple vertebrae seems more difficult than a less padded seat!

goatea | 10 December, 2018

Our other car is a Prius and that seat is way too high it’s horrible. I was leasing a Ford Focus EV and that seat height was great. No problems with the battery since it is behind the back seat. (Which gives the car all sorts of balance problems but Ford doesn’t care about electrics anymore so)

wtm | 10 December, 2018

I am 6’5 and run into the same seat height issue. My head is pretty close to the roof, luckily there is the glass cutout otherwise I would be scraping it. Haven’t found a solution yet but not ideal if there was an accident.

spuzzz123 | 10 December, 2018

Wow. Don’t you tall torsos run into this in any smallish sedan though? I mean I feel like it goes very low. I’m 6’ (granted longer legs than torso). But I still feel like it goes very low however.

Brian B | 10 December, 2018

3 thngs:

1. Lean seat back some

2. it may be that the dash is shorter than you are used to because there are no gauges. It can give the sensation of riding higher.

3. I'm 6'2" and the height is no problem for me at all. Your torso can't be more than 2 inches taller than mine, and should still fit nicely at the lowest setting.

goatea | 10 December, 2018

I’ll try that Brian B. Thanks

goatea | 10 December, 2018

Absolutely spuzz123, I was just wondering about a workaround in the M3.

lbowroom | 10 December, 2018

I'm 6'6", long torsoed, and prefer to sit very upright. Model 3 is one of the few vehicles I can fit in without my head touching the headliner. Newer German cars mostly ok, most Japanese, forget it. Like Toyota, only the Sienna.

atello | 10 December, 2018

Yep, this was the first thing I noticed when sitting in the car and it bothered me too. Combined with the shallow footwell area since I had the seat all the way down. I later realized it felt 'unnatural' because of the dash height. In other cars the dash sits higher, right below my head. So I was lowering the seat trying to get that same feeling.

After a week or two, I actually raised the seat to get more depth for my legs and have been happy since. Completely used to it now, and the visibility is great. It's annoying driving my wife's car now with all of the plastic and gauges up in my face :).

Zidarich | 14 February, 2019

I’m 5’5” and I often feel like I’m sitting annoyingly too high in the car. My seat keeps getting lower the longer I own it. I obviously don’t have a height issue.

Agree with atello, the seating position seems high because the dash is so abnormally low (Do a GIS for “model 3 vs 3 series interior” for a perfect example of this).

It’s actually been the hardest thing for me to adjust to in almost 10,000 miles of ownership.

I’m gonna take Atello’s advice, and stop lowering it to try and recreate that feeling. At 10,000 miles in I should let myself get used to the car!

rysmith1782 | 14 February, 2019

Hmmm... Im 6'-5" and have zero height / headroom issues.

emayinin | 18 February, 2019

I'm 6'2 and one of my issues with my previous car - Lexus IS350 was headroom and with the M3 I can actually raise the seat pretty high with no issues.

mcmack15 | 18 February, 2019

Was 6' 5", but shrinking with age and now a shade under 6' 4"-----no problem fitting into and driving wife's 3.

M3phan | 18 February, 2019

6’1” with seat vertical height all the way up, horizontal set all the way back, slightly tilted up on front edge under thighs, and angled back slightly. Seats very comfy though I would’ve liked a bit more support under thigh.