December 19th update

December 19th update

Last night my Model X was supposed to update. I got home and plugged the car in for charging and went to bed. Got up this morning and the car WILL NOT turn on. No dashboard screen at all. Tesla is trying another update before they come get the car. Anyone else experience anything like this?

jimglas | 20 December, 2018

TG no. I updated both cars. Would have been in a pickle if the update bricked both cars. Something to consider in the future.

jjgunn | 20 December, 2018

hold brake & both scroll wheels down until you hear something - it should come back

mikethelender | 20 December, 2018

Tried the reset but it did not work. Software update was interrupted by a lost connection last night which created a mismatch of some sort and bricked the computer.

davidahn | 20 December, 2018

I also got the 2018.48.12.1, no problems, even got it OTA w/o wifi. It's a HOOT.

Vehicle should fully download the update before starting to update the firmware, so a lost connection shouldn't cause this. Of course, other hardware or software problems could definitely brick your vehicle, but I've never had that happen over 3.5 yrs and numerous updates.

jjgunn | 20 December, 2018

When you started the much battery did you have?? 40% or more?? Less??

It's almost as if your 12v starter battery died. Computer shouldn't brick from lost connection.

eveningsun | 21 December, 2018

I had update download interrupted once (moved WiFi router closer to the garage after that) but only thing it did is alerted be that update was interrupted and I stayed on the previous version.

Expected it to come backed after couple days but in 3 weeks had to call SC to push an update, every other update was fine since than.

Waldek | 21 December, 2018

@mycoldveins that's what Service Center said? download interrupted? I guess you got someone very not knowledgeable to say so. All Tesla engineers states that cars download firmware and once it is fully downloaded then you get notification to update... so the update can be performed in a deep hole without any internet connection. So no way that internet failure interrupted update... there must have been some other problems with your car that bricked it.

henrykagan | 22 January, 2019

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