2016 p90D vs 90D

2016 p90D vs 90D

Hopefully I don't bother with silly questions.... but besides pure acceleration, is there a difference in the way a 16 P90D "drives" vs 90D? Such as handling.

I've driven the model 3s and the P felt more attached to the road. I've driven a 100D for 300 plus miles and no complaints whatsoever. But.... boy did that 3P feel sporty (smaller) to the road.

I've never driven a model S performance, only the 100D. Does the P drive different? Oh, I'm probably sold on the P's acceleration anyway, but is that the only difference??


p.c.mcavoy | 23 December, 2018

I’ve owned a 2016 refresh MS90D for right at 2.5 years, so way more experience with it than about the 10 days I drove a P90DL as a service loaner this past summer. I don’t recall any significant ‘boy this handles a lot different’ reaction. Yes, punching it with ludicrous enabled will rattle your brains a bit, but the 90D isn’t exactly a slug compared to most cars on the road. Honestly, the biggest reaction I had to the P90D I drove was how much more energy it would use, even driving it moderately same as I’d drive my 90D. That was enough of a difference that I didn’t have any issues turning it back in for my 90D once the repair work was done.

I understand your reaction to the 3P feeling much sportier or nimble than the 100D, but think that’s more about the smaller size and lighter weight of the 3. Someone else that’s spent more time in a P90D may have a different view.

Just my two cents worth.

Myfourday | 23 December, 2018

Thank you. That is very helpful.

MilesMD88 | 23 December, 2018

Several topics to discuss, and from your post, it’s all about the tires.

You drove the model 3 base & the Performance Version. The base model 3 comes with an all season radial tire. Two choices, standard or optional wheels, each has the all season tires, and you will get great mileage from those tires, but less handling, and they can be driven on year round. You were impressed with the Performance version and there is a reason why. The P comes standard with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Excellent tires, pricy. These are ultra high performance tires capable of speeds over 186 mph. Very sticky, don’t expect good wear, but expect excellent handling. Downside, they should not be driven on below 40 degrees according to Michelin, less you will damage them badly. It’s a summer tire only. So you will need backups in cold climates. Moving on...

Tesla’s advertising:
90D range 294 miles 0-60 4.2 sec
P90D 270 miles 3.1 sec
P90DL 270 miles 2,8 sec

The 90D & the P90D should drive the same on equal tires & wheels. Acceleration is above. Handling will definitely be different on summer performance tires vs all season radials. It will also be different with the 21” optional turbine wheels vs the 19” slipstreams.
It’s a matter of choice. I chose 19” standard rims with the Michelin all season tire for my P85D. Much quieter, great mileage, but poorer handling.
Live in a warm climate, want excellent handling, don’t mind buying performance tires every 10-20k get the idea. Cold winters, want tires that last 60K miles, don’t care about handling but like acceleration....
The acceleration is a constant. Handling is a choice.

Silver2K | 24 December, 2018

The supension system on the 2 cars are not the same. The P90D has a stiffer ride and sways more around turns no matter what size rims you use. If you want to improve handling and performance on 19's get UHP tires not all seasons.

Anthony J. Parisio | 24 December, 2018

I agree the tires and wheels make the difference .

Myfourday | 24 December, 2018

Thanks all. Great discussion and priceless experience. Totally get the tires and wheels difference.

Publius | 24 December, 2018

great explanations, thank you all. I have a 90D, and have always wondered what Im missing without the

SbMD | 24 December, 2018

Good points above. Also, @silver is right... the suspension is different in the "P" and also contributes to the differences in handling. Tires and wheels are also key differentiators.

Another potential confounder in your comparison is that the M3 suspension is different between 2017 and 2018 (feels a bit softer), which might be a factor if you drove different year models to inform your M3 comparison experience, @myfourday.

ST70 | 25 December, 2018

are they coil or air? I would choose coil.

Myfourday | 25 December, 2018

Tires and wheels aside, the suspension is different though? And if the performance suspension is stiffer, wouldn’t that mean it sways less around corners? That part confused me.

Thanks to everyone

SbMD | 25 December, 2018

@myfourday, yes the MS suspension is stiffer in the P. A bit “rougher” to some.

john | 7 January, 2019

I think the listed 90D 0-60 time that Tesla published is conservative. I am getting about 3.8 to 3.9.

carlarichi3344 | 8 January, 2019

Very useful information for people, I think this is what everyone needs.

PrescottRichard | 11 January, 2019

John- which 90D do you have? I just put $2500 down on one in San Diego, it has the 294 mile rated battery. I’m curious what to expect from it coming from a 2013 P85. Sounds about the same acceleration wise.

The P cars aren’t just crazy fast, aren’t there other upgrades included?

murphyS90D | 12 January, 2019

My January 2016 S90D was rated at 288 miles. It is a pre refresh car with AP1 and a nosecone. It now computes to about 280 miles. I never go below 50 miles left on the battery just like I didn't drive an ICE car until the tank was empty. At 55 miles, in cold conditions, I get a warning on the screen to charge immediately because if it gets any colder there will be significantly less range available.

jhowar16 | 12 July, 2019

Has anyone noticed a squeak between the driver's seat and the console. We have a Model S 2016 P90D. This has just started within the last month or so.


plugzin | 12 July, 2019

Can anyone speak with authority regarding different insurance costs for having the "P" designation?

Tldickerson | 14 July, 2019

@plugzin, didn't seam to make much difference with the 2 companies I have been with. They just want the id#.

nukequazar | 15 July, 2019

@plugzin, Geico has a pretty good online quote calculator that might help.

adspguy | 15 July, 2019

@jhowar16 about your squeak:
My '16 90D has on a couple occasions developed a squeaking noise between the driver seat and the console. It seems to happen after cleaning. There is a service bulletin for the '16 seats where they add a lubricant to the surface of the leather so it slips. Interestingly, it seems that the second time I needed it was after they cleaned the car after service.

From the first time they fixed it:
Inspected seat and arm rest and found they are rubbing. Producing a small noise. Performed SB-12-15-004.

And the second:
Technician rubbed krytox leather safe lubricant onto seat and center console to prevent rubbing sound.

cslaurie | 21 October, 2019


Mine has the sqeak too. Someone said rub the seat side and console with a pad moistened with WD-40... I haven't tried it yet.