Heater problem

Heater problem

This morning my heater packed up, so had to ensure a 250 mile journey without heat! When booking the car in with the service centre I was disappointed to hear that heaters are on back order with no timescale for delivery Apparently, there has been a high failure rate. Anyone else had this issue?

In summary, this will be around the 14th visit to the service centre in around 14 months of ownership. MCU/screen replaced, front suspension failure, suspension pump failure, FWD alignment twice. Seals around FWD replaced, respray where the FWD rubbed paint off when mis-aligned. Roof lining sags. Frankly, I've just about lost faith in this car. Couldn't say I'd recommend one given the problems I've had.

peterlethbridge | 11 January, 2019

Update for anyone interested: Car has been in service for over a week and they still can get a date from Fremont as to when new heaters will be dispatched. Service centre said that they now have 14 cars in Manchester and 6 in Dartford waiting for heaters. At this rate they are going to run out of loaners.

Makemark | 11 January, 2019

Mine also behaves very erratic when it comes to heater. I set it to 68 and it still blows hot air like it is set to Max. To make it worse, the range goes down drastically due to this

jjgunn | 13 January, 2019

Sounds like you guys have the 2017 MX? I've seen this issue more on the older ones than the 2018 models

tony.karais | 13 January, 2019

I need to take my 2018 in becasue the cabin thermostat doesn't work. Well it works sometimes. It can be in the 40's outside and it'll be blowing cold air or conversely it can be warm outside and it'll blow hot air. Kind of annoying.