Change Interior Trim Panels

Change Interior Trim Panels

Anyone has experience with changing the interior trim panels on a Model X? I find there are a bunch of scratches over time and would like to swap them out for new ones (if possible).
Would this be a DIY or do I have to go with the SC?

lilbean | 10 January, 2019

B pillar?

lilbean | 10 January, 2019

I would call the SC or another option would be a certified Tesla body shop.

Makemark | 11 January, 2019

@lilbean Am talking about the wood interior trim. Would like to change them to a new set or change it to Carbon Fiber trim. Trying to see if its worth the cost..

jimglas | 11 January, 2019

amazon has kits

susan | 23 January, 2019

Check out Teslatunity on Youtube. He installed a kit and then he used someone here in south Florida to install. You can see the difference.

Makemark | 23 January, 2019

Thanks Susan.