Choice between 6 and 7seater

Choice between 6 and 7seater

I am looking at 6 electric middle row seat or 7 manual seater, if I rarely use 3rd row and mostly driving with 4-5 people, should I take 7seater instead of 6? If for 5 adults, would 7 seater be more comfortable than 6? Please advise!

packpike | 18 January, 2019

This is my opinion, and meets my needs the best; I encourage MX buyers to buy what you'll use the most. The 6 seat option is 'more comfortable', but less convenient for hauling stuff. Mine is a people mover and we rarely need 7 seats, so we love our 6 seater. If you want to haul things often (not once a year) I would go with the 5 or 7 seater to get a full flat rear. If you will need to carry 7 people on a regular basis I would go with 7. If you're going to mainly use it to haul people (less than 7) then the 6 seater is the way to go. Plus the 6 seat configuration gives it a much more spaceship-like appearance that wows everyone when the FWD opens! White seats help with that too.

burdogg | 18 January, 2019

Agree with packpike.

I love my 6 seater. It feels so much more open and spacious. The only reason in my mind to get 7 seater is you need all 7 seats... or you need all the seats to fold flat to haul stuff.

ruthieX | 18 January, 2019

I like the extra storage I get with my 5 seater (space under the floor where the back bench would fold down into).

Falammd | 18 January, 2019

I love my six seat with center console it’s really nice and you get 2 extra cup holders and an armrest and storage cubby.

Vawlkus | 18 January, 2019

The 7 seater is best used with children. The leg room in the third row is not the best. With the 6 seater, the third row can stretch their legs out between the middle row seats.

RichEV | 18 January, 2019

Agree with the recommendations for 6 seater. My eldest is the tallest in the family and likes to stretch his legs out down the middle. Additionally, the set up makes it very easy to reach the third row.

jackotai | 18 January, 2019

Thanks for all advises!
What if I drive with five, with the six seater, one of the passenger should get in the third row with limited knees space as well as head room. In this situation still comfortable that the 7seaters with 2-3?
An other assumption, if there are six people, how about if I fold down one of the single seat in the middle row offering more leg room space and open feeling for the two passengers who seating in the third row2-2-2?

packpike | 18 January, 2019

You can't add leg room in the 7 seat configuration. My family, 6’2”+ have had no issues in 3rd row of 6 seat configuration. As mentioned, the open space allowrs for plenty of leg room.

lin_bryce | 18 January, 2019

If you have children in car seats, go with the 6 seater as it’s much easier to access the rear seats even if you have car seats installed in the middle.

bp | 19 January, 2019

An advantage of the 7 seater - increased storage capacity when both the back and middle row seats are folded down, providing a larger flat area to place cargo. With the 6 seater, you'll have a gap over the middle row seats.

We normally have 1 or 2 people in our 7 seater X 100D, and will use the middle/back row when we visiting with family. Even though we've rarely had 7 people in the X, we have more often taken advantage of the larger cargo area with the middle row folded down.

jojim556 | 20 January, 2019

I have the 7-seater. It definitely has more utility than the 6-seater because it folds flat. I also have hauled seven people (mix of adults and children) with no issues other than maybe leg room in the third row. With the 7-seater I was able to fit 5 people with 5 snowboards including luggage and extra gear when we go to the Sierras. I’d suggest going to the Testa store(s) and look at a Model X with 7 seats and the other with 6 seats. That way you’ll be able to make a better decision about which configuration to get.

jackotai | 20 January, 2019

Thanks all!

Finally I am going with the 7 seater,
Because mostly I am driving with3-4 people. Thrid row would be rarely use. And I found out the trunk space would be a little bit small when all seats are folded. As well as I got a baby car seat, if I got a six seater, should I place in the second row? Then there would be a gap for my wife to take care of. Specially do not have enough space to lay down for sleep or changing diasper. If place in the thrid row, yes the 6seater thrid row is definitely comfortable than the 7. However, the very low head room, leg room as well as the face-facing aircon still the problem. I would thinking of the thrid row is a spare for extra capability. If I go with 7 seater , I can alway flat down the thrid row for luggage and flexiable for 5-7 people. I don’t think the thrid row is sultable for adults, one more seat in the middle row offer more satisfactions for passengers.

lilbean | 20 January, 2019

Oh well.

jackotai | 22 January, 2019

In addtion to the 6seater, if the third row are in use, the second row will go forward a bit for more space to the third. In result to decline the comfortably of the second. As well as the recline feature of 7. I think more or less the passengers satisfaction will be higher if hauled with 5 people.

nipper2 | 22 January, 2019

In a 5 Seat does the back seat fold down?

lilbean | 22 January, 2019


nipper2 | 22 January, 2019

Great so I have an S now trying to decide on an X New or CPO or wait to see what the y looks like. I do not like the door handles on the M3

nipper2 | 22 January, 2019

I am also keeping the S

lilbean | 22 January, 2019

Give the 3 a chance. It might surprise you.

nipper2 | 23 January, 2019

I have driven it I just can't get passed those door handles