Cracked window on falcon wing sunroof glass

Cracked window on falcon wing sunroof glass

I took my model X to service today for a few things. Most importantly, my kids noticed a crack in the falcon wing sunroof glass on the drivers side.

I did a search and this is not an uncommon issue. I am convinced that this is a manufacturing defect because this car is a garage queen and is almost never taken on the highway.

I’ve read where others were charged around $400 for this repair, but I just got quoted around $970.

Not pleased at all. Do I have any options to complain to someone higher up the chain? Thanks.

Jackman | 20 January, 2019

Mine was replaced gratis under warranty.

nutner | 20 January, 2019

Passenger side had the same issue for me. They checked to see it was not caused by an impact before replacing mine for free.