Tesla employees driving the wrong direction

Tesla employees driving the wrong direction

Today I was giving my kids driving lessons on Dumbarton Circle in Fremont, CA. There is a new Tesla office building there. And wouldn't you know it I saw five different employees of Tesla drive out of the Tesla building parking lot going on the wrong side of the road. They either don't know it was wrong or they were doing it on purpose to save time. Just saying. It was funny to see an auto makers employees in Teslas drive incorrectly. Funny stuff. My kids got to see the stuff I deal with everyday. Hilarious!!!

Xerogas | 26 January, 2019

@Jellis3612: are you sure they weren’t testing the new right-hand-drive vehicles for UK and ANZ markets? ;)

Tesla-David | 1 February, 2019

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carlk | 1 February, 2019

You sure you were driving the correct direction? ;)

Cata | 1 February, 2019

@carlk, this reminds me that joke:
Girl on the phone with her husband who was driving on the highway: "Honey, there's a maniac on the highway driving in the wrong direction, be careful!", and the guys says: "I know hon, I see it, but it's not one, there's hundreds of them!"

simon_gym | 1 February, 2019

Tesla-David | February 1, 2019
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Poor sense of humor!!!