As A Service

As A Service

Today everything is about on-demand services. Tesla has many opportunities to radically reposition itself in the transportation/automotive space that would also greatly benefit Tesla customers.

Here are some examples:

1. Range as a Service
With the reintroduction of software limited batteries, it would be interesting to offer 'Range as a Service' for those occasional long trips that that could not justify initial purchase of the full battery range.

2. Enhanced Autopilot as a Service
Again for those occasional long trips or difficult situations that may arise, the ability to engage 'Enhanced Autopilot as a Service' as needed.

3. Full Self Driving as a Service
For those cars with appropriate hardware/computing, enable 'Full Self Driving as a Service'. Reasons mentioned before, but even such as a medical emergency to transport autonomously to care.

4. Others?

In each of these offerings it would simply be an initiation from the console as well as to conclude the service. As with SuperCharging these billings would reflect in your account.

I recognize Tesla is very cash now hungry; but their unique over the air capabilities here offer new, additive revenue streams that should not be ignored from customers who could not afford/justify the upfront or after purchase of these capabilities. | 31 January, 2019

I can see the value, but it might actually cost Tesla quite a bit more. Let's say they offer AP as a service. Perhaps 50% of owners would forgo buying AP outright and just use it as a service. That's some major revenue reduction, money that is needed to support the ongoing development and profitability of Tesla. Maybe over 10 years it might even out, but Tesla is not so flush with cash to do this. They don't even offer leasing on the Model 3, as it consumes too much cash.

donmactesla | 31 January, 2019

You are correct. I believe I should have been more specific. I would envision the ability of doing this to be extremely limited. Limits such as number of times, duration, length of trip, etc. If the Tesla owner require more than the allowed, a full purchase would need be made. The thought was to find some additional coin for Tesla and some additive benefit to Tesla owners that had not/can not afford the full purchase.

jordanrichard | 31 January, 2019

With the ever increasing density of superchargers, one never really needs the full range of their battery to travel long distances. So paying for say 30 more miles of range, isn’t going to be worth it. Parsing everything little out and sell it as an option only complicates things.