Anyone used

Anyone used

I'm in SoCal and was planning on using Tire Rack for my next tire purchase.

I had a flat last spring and got 2 new Good Year (original equipment replacement) tires from a local shop. Not cheap, but they were the same as what was on my Model S (2016) when I purchased. Now I've found them on Tirerack much cheaper, and they'll ship it to my local Pep Boys for installation (installation charge isn't that bad).

Anyone have anything positive or negative to say about them?


kerryglittle | 4 February, 2019

I bought a set of performance tires for my Acura NSX several years ago. Prices couldn't be beat. Even though I live in Canada. Delivered fast and to my door and pretty much half the price of going to a shop to buy them. If they haven't changed I highly recommend them.

murphyS90D | 4 February, 2019

I bought 4 wheels with Michelin X-ICE tires mounted on them last November. They also installed the correct TPMS sensors. They were delivered to my door and I installed them. Still on the car until the snow threat ends No problems at all.

freeewilly | 4 February, 2019

I use Tireracks for 20+ years, before the dot com era. I always did my tire research on their website, purchased about half of my orders through them. They are always great.

Look carefully about the Goodyear OEM replacement, it might be the OEM for 2012-2013, without the sound dampening foam.

MJP.75D | 4 February, 2019

Nothing but high praise for I’ve purchased all my tires there for more than a decade. Selection, price and service are excellent. Only caveat is they don’t (yet?) carry Nokian tires which are the gold standard for winter rubber IMO. Maybe soon?

Boonedocks | 4 February, 2019

There is a humongous distribution center between my house and my service center. I have ordered and (saved a few bucks by) picked them up on my way to the service center to have them put on. Saves money and about every tire choice imaginable!!

DBrohm | 4 February, 2019

I've used them a LOT in the past for my BMWs, which I no longer drive. They were great! However, here in So Cal (OC) there's a tire place that beats their prices and service - it's incredible. But yes - strong praise for TR.

AERODYNE | 4 February, 2019

Customer since 1998. Very happy with the service. Not always the cheapest anymore, but can't beat the 2 day free shipping to your door, or your installer. Just bought 2 Primacies for my MS 2 months ago. Now, if I could just find an installer that won't scratch my wheels ..

Boonedocks | 4 February, 2019

AERODYNE | February 4, 2019
Customer since 1998...... if I could just find an installer that won't scratch my wheels ..”

And that’s why I pick them up at Tire Rack and take them to the service center for mounting. | 5 February, 2019

I have used them for years. Recently compared with Tire Rack now has free shipping (like discounttire), but throws in free road hazard. Tire Rack has more/better review information an testing information. | 5 February, 2019


inconel | 5 February, 2019

We must have bought at least 20 sets (or 80 tires) from Tire Rack over the last 20 years. They are great.

Bighorn | 5 February, 2019

Another vote for Tire Rack. I don’t know if they still do, but they had a representative tied to TMC to answer Tesla related questions early on.

RedShift | 5 February, 2019

Same here, over 20+ years of use, they have kept the site very helpful, simple.

You can sort car rims by weight, choosing the lightest rim for your money. Not many sites do that. For tires you can compare to see which are the grippiest, lightest, quietest tires for your money. Very helpful!

barrykmd | 5 February, 2019

I believe the owner of Tirerack has a Tesla.

kerryglittle | 5 February, 2019

You are hard on tires @inconel. LOL.

Al Cantara | 6 February, 2019

Thanks for all the replies!

Hey DBrohm.....can you please let me know what place in Orange County you use. I'll compare them vs. Tirerack. But I really appreciate all the comments and love for Tirerack.

kerryglittle | 6 February, 2019

It does pay to shop around. Have also heard that Costco has fair prices if you haven't compared them. Mind you when you buy tires online service shops tend to get a bit annoyed when you bring in your own tires that you didn't buy from them. They do like to double dip on product and service. Some shops around here will even refuse to install tires if you did not buy them at their store. Just keep that in mind if you have a place picked out to get them installed. Keep us posted on how you make out. :-)

inconel | 6 February, 2019

@kerryglittle I am not hard on tires, my problem is I have a serious addiction to wheels that somehow originates from my younger days with Porsches. I currently have 4 sets of wheels and tires for the X: two sets of OEM 20", one set of TST 20", one set of OEM 22" Onyx.

inconel | 6 February, 2019

At least I know I am not the only one suffering from this addiction of buying wheels on compulsion and collecting them. I know a few other ICE car enthusiasts with the same issue. I guess it's similar to other people compulsively buying and collecting shoes or purses.

kerryglittle | 6 February, 2019

@inconel I was hard on my 911 Porsche tires. Think I got 4,000 kilometres out of the last set. But they were pretty much race tires and very soft and grippy. Handled awesome but sure didn't last. LOL.

inconel | 6 February, 2019

Wow I was at least able to get 10k miles out of my Porsche PS2 tires (mostly on the streets). Did you use them on race tracks and were they Cup tires?

plusplusjames | 6 February, 2019

I used them to buy snows. No issues.

kerryglittle | 6 February, 2019

I'm not exactly sure what tires they were @inconel but they were extremely soft and stuck like glue. Think they might have been Pirelli's but was told later by my mechanic that he used the same tires on his Porsche for the track and they would last him the afternoon. They went bald pretty quick. I never tracked the car but did love the on and off ramps if no other cars were in the way. LOL

RedShift | 6 February, 2019


Do you at least try to buy the lightest wheels you can afford?

PBEndo | 7 February, 2019

I have had good results with Tirerack. I even found a mobile installer that came to my house and office to install new wheels/tires through

barrykmd | 7 February, 2019

PB - they bring balancing equipment with them?!

Bill_75D | 7 February, 2019

Barry, Tire Rack ships the wheels with tires already mounted and balanced if you order them as a wheel/tire set.

PBEndo | 7 February, 2019

Yes. He has a truck with the balancing and mounting equipment inside - he even does road force balancing.
Price was the same as most local tire centers but you can't beat the convenience.

inconel | 7 February, 2019

Redshift I did with my previous ICEs. Bought a set of HRE forged for the porsche for example. But I am now staying away from after market for the Teslas, the TST wheels were a compulsive mistake :) I think partly because I grew older, partly because of Tesla policy of not working with aftermarket parts.

RedShift | 7 February, 2019

I have aftermarket wheels, special lug nuts on my S for more than 2 years now. Tesla doesn’t have any issues with service. I only go for aftermarket wheels if they are significantly lighter (3-4 lbs or more per wheel).

inconel | 7 February, 2019

Well they have to be lighter and stronger (forged if possible) too. I don't want to take chance with the heavy Teslas :)

I asked Tesla Service Center to mount the Michelin PS3 ordered from Tirerack to the X (paid service of course) and they refused. Tires not approved by Tesla.

I asked SC if they would do seasonal swaps for me (again paid service) if the wheels are not OEM and they said no.

I guess YMMV depending on the SC.

RedShift | 7 February, 2019

Yeah, my car is 4460 lbs (original 60) so I have a wee bit more headroom on the GVWR rating! :-)

Each S.C. is following its own rules eh? Mines always the Fremont S.C. as I live very close.

inconel | 7 February, 2019

Did the SC service your aftermarket wheels or tires or did they service something else on the car? Something else on the car is fine with my SC too.

They just refuse to work on parts not approved by Tesla, which does actually make sense. I ordered from TireRack the same Continental tires that Tesla uses and had the SC balance and mount them and they were fine with that.

mrjedistud | 13 February, 2019

I bought my Conti DW 21 inch tires from them. They shipped right to a local tire shop and saved me a lot of money. One tire got a gash in it and I was able to use the free hazard insurance. I had to email a bunch of pics and the insurance company that fulfills the hazard insurance sent me a check with a few weeks. Overall very smooth and easy.

Boonedocks | 13 February, 2019

Used TireTack today as a matter of fact. Interesting thing tho, my service center would ONLY install Michelin Primacy MXM4 or the Goodyear OEM tires and nothing else. I was getting the Primacy’s this time around but still odd that the SC was so adamant about specific tires.

PBEndo | 13 February, 2019

My service center wouldn't even balance already installed but non-approved tires when I was troubleshooting a vibration issue.

PBEndo | 13 February, 2019

I also just bought another set of tires/wheel on Tirerack for my classic P85, going from 21's to 19's - they arrive tomorrow. My wife will be so happy with her Valentine's day gift!

Boonedocks | 13 February, 2019

PBEndo. I went from 21’s to 19’s last year after well over 100k miles in S’ & 21’s. Absolutely the best swap / exchange EVER... She will be very VERY happy.

NKYTA | 13 February, 2019

If you reverse that, I would be sooo unhappy with my wife for giving me 19”!

Knock wood, my 21” has been quite fine for near on seven years. Some rim rash and no other problems.

Bighorn | 14 February, 2019

I did destroy a 19” sidewall in a pothole, so they’re not invincible. I think one of my 21s is slightly distorted from a pothole which happened after 100k miles, so they’ve actually served me better, though I was much more wary on road trips with them.

604-DRIVER | 15 February, 2019

YUp used them 5 times and nothing but the best

PBEndo | 15 February, 2019

My wife got her new tires and wheels installed today. Tirerack shipped them to our local installer yesterday and the installation went smoothly. She loves the new look so that is a Valentine's Day win for me.

Silver2K | 15 February, 2019

Kiss-ass! :)

Andrew_OH_70D | 18 February, 2019

I purchased my snow tires from Tire Rack. I saved a lot. These are the tires I purchased: I know it's a lot for a set of four snow tires, but it is well worth it to keep you out of a ditch or sliding into another car. Coupled with dual motors, these tires are amazing. Another thing to remember is that there is very little wear during the snow and ice winter.

p.c.mcavoy | 21 February, 2019

@Al Cantara - If the noise deadening foam is important, be really certain that’s what you’re getting. You can get what is the identical Goodyear Eagle Touring tire that appears to be the exact same spec but doesn’t have the foam. That’s actually what I have on my 2016 MS90D at the moment. I’d bet that’s why you see a substantially lower price. I got mine this past summer for about $600 for the full set of 4 installed.

AERODYNE | 21 February, 2019

Boonedocks et Al ...

I called the Burbank SC, told then I wanted the stock tires replaced with exact same type on stock wheels. They refused. I even offered to bring them in, no dice. They said they would only do it if I ordered the tires through the SC. I don't mind contributing to the cause, but $300 a corner is too much. Still looking for an installer in SoCal that won't scratch my two remaining wheels.

Boonedocks | 21 February, 2019

AERODYNE. All I can say is “that sucks” and makes no sense. There should be a SC wide rule for such.....way too much confusion as is.