Model 3 outside USA

Model 3 outside USA


Did anyone receive his Model 3 outside the USA?
Did they ship it to the local dealer according to the local specs of electricity?


rinolacombe | 17 February, 2019

Mine arrived at my home address in Moncton, NB, Canada. All setup properly.

KP in NPT | 17 February, 2019

Deliveries have occurred the past couple of days in Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany off the top of my head, based on what I've seen on Twitter.

wtstirland | 17 February, 2019

I ordered Jan 2017 supposed to arrive this year but getting no response from support emails and not had the one for configuring options yet so I don't know how long before I get mine in Western Australia, maybe I should cancel and buy second hand model S ?? this will be my retirement car so not planning on selling for years.

Rjk | 17 February, 2019

Wtstirland wait it out, the model 3 is worth it.. and getting a 3 now versus a second hand S will give you a longer run with all the state of the art features to come due to it coming with the latest equipment. Since your planning on keeping it a while , that’s an even bigger benefit for you

bj | 17 February, 2019

@wtstirland - RHD Model 3s are at the end of the production queue unfortunately. I don’t expect that the configurator will open up for us until June at the earliest. First deliveries maybe August if all goes well.

M3BlueGeorgia | 18 February, 2019

@wtstirland Technically you "reserved" it two years ago. :-)

It took a little over two years for my reservation to turn into an order and then 3 weeks to turn into a delivery.

Best estimate is RHD vehicles might be orderable sometime around June, so hopefully you'll start seeing them by the summer (aka winter in Australia)

wtstirland | 18 February, 2019

hi folks, thanks for responses, I really do want to get into my model 3 I have a printed 3d model, key rings the wife bought me though I don't know why since there are no keys lol and courtesy door down lights replacement but i hear they aren't very good, I had some on the RRoyce that looked good, read just about every review out there, it's like waiting for a baby to be delivered but way longer lol.
I could always sell my reservation?, and make a few bucks toward another as someone will want to save time in queue, looking at current projections the 3 is going to cost me around 65K AUD, aussie government are real thieves when it comes to taxes can't see them offering incentives to go electric despite fact we are setting up one of the biggest lithium mines and battery plants in southern hemisphere with Elon

taneryildiz | 18 February, 2019

Hi I’m from the Netherlands
I received my model 3 on February 11 th
I’m very happy with it and the car exceeds my expectations in every matter especially the driving

bj | 18 February, 2019

@wtstirland - “I could always sell my reservation?”

No, reservations cannot be transferred to another person.

@wtstirland - “and make a few bucks toward another as someone will want to save time in queue”

By the time Model 3 arrives here, Tesla will be cranking out somewhere between 7000 and 8000 Model 3s per week. That means Tesla could fill the entire Australian order book in 1 week.

In practice, they will likely invite reservers to configure first, before opening it up to all-comers. But in practice, that might mean reservers get their cars only a few weeks or a month before everyone else. I suspect for most people, that amount of “waiting” is well within the “don’t care” bucket. Early reservations now are almost irrelevant.

spuzzz123 | 19 February, 2019

@taneryildiz welcome to the club! If you like it now just wait until the warm weather hits and your efficiency LEAPS!