Tesla keeps fully poweringn down

Tesla keeps fully poweringn down


My Tesla Model 3 keeps fully powering down. As I will get into the car and the screen is off and I have to wait about 60 seconds for the screen to come to life. Then usually a couple minutes later until the LTE is active. Sometimes after having the car parked for about 4 hours I will see the issues other times it might not happen for a couple days.

Any idea what would get the Model 3 to fully power down? Is there some sort of setting to configure or do I need to make a call to get my car serviced?

Thanks in advance, Scott

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 February, 2019

Definitely make the call to service. Should not do what you describe.

lilbean | 19 February, 2019

Do you see the T logo when it comes on?

scott | 20 February, 2019

Yes I see the Tesla logo when it comes on.

ripatriot | 20 February, 2019

mine did this for the first time (that i noticed) the other day. have 3k miles and roughly 3 months on the car. stopped at a store for about 5 minutes. car was locked, opened as usual when i returned, put my foot on the brake and noticed the faint T in the middle of the screen. definitely wasn't 60 seconds, maybe 30. wasn't usual but didn't thunk much of it.

is it really "fully powered down" because it recognized my phone when i returned to the car. everything else seemed normal. maybe the computer restarts occasionally to kill apps/background functions? idk

ripatriot | 20 February, 2019

*think, not thunk

scott | 20 February, 2019

I don't know if *fully powered down* is the correct phrase. When this issue happens the screen is off and I can't use the mobile app since the LTE is also off.

lilbean | 20 February, 2019

If you're seeing the T logo then it is powering down. Mine has done that a few times. I'm not sure why it keeps doing that on your car.

bvwpb | 20 February, 2019

mine has done the same thing a couple times in the last 4 or five days. First time, the screen took about 30 to 40 seconds to come on. Today, the screen froze up right after turning on the car and going in reverse, then the screen turned off. I was able to drive, but the screen was black for about 30 seconds to a minute. Then the screen powered on like a reset. The LTE signal took another minute or so to come back after the screen came on. Today, my kids were playing games in the car for a couple minutes before i got in, so i figured they messed something up. Both times were after letting car sit for awhile.

sroh | 20 February, 2019

Mine started to exhibit a similar behavior the past few days. During a drive to the mountains, my screen shut off and reset repeatedly (maybe 8-10 times) while driving. The car was still operational. I thought it was maybe due to the cold. But on the way back, it happened a few more times, even when the temp was in the 50s. I'll try a full re-boot and call service if that doesn't solve the issue.

thomas.hitchcock | 20 February, 2019

One of my model 3’s does this pretty much every time I start the car. Tesla service said it’s a “known issue...” and future software update will fix it. My take is that a new CPU could fix it, but Tesla would rather solve it through software updates than replace hardware...