Repairing Tire (plugging) with rear tire on car inquiry

Repairing Tire (plugging) with rear tire on car inquiry

I have the boulder tools tire patch kit recommended by Bighorn (thru others) on this forum. I now have a staple (so two holes, lucky me!) in my tire near the shoulder (sidewall) and Les Schwab would not attempt to patch. America's tires said only 30% chance they can patch it, and if they are not able to patch can't remount the tire. This is the driver's side rear tire. I am considering patching both holes myself. Has anyone attempted a patch with the tire on the car? I don't have the jack pads to protect the battery.

cmh95628 | 19 February, 2019

P.S. I already checked for loaner spare tires in my area, and there are none. Costco does not carry the Continental tires, and the Michelins don't go up to "W" speed rating. The Bridgestone is summer only (not Mud/Snow). I have the 19" wheels.

Magic 8 Ball | 19 February, 2019

Plugs should only be considered a temporary repair. Plugs can last a long time but tire shops require putting a patch on the inside of the tire for "permanent" repair.

JAD | 19 February, 2019

You don't need any special jack pads, they are nice, but not needed if you are careful.

You can patch while on the car, it can be very awkward depending on the location of the puncture.

If the professionals are saying no, or only 30% chance, I would be worried about doing it yourself. Just order a new tire, it sucks, but a blowout can be much worse.

Bighorn | 19 February, 2019

Should be pretty easy to access mounted if it’s on the shoulder. Those are technically more risky plugs, though in actuality not likely dangerous especially if it were a small puncture.

michaelchen86 | 19 February, 2019

Had a scew in the right rear passenger side tire.close to the outside shouder also but not the most outward pattern .both tesla sc and tire shop said no.will cost over $300 to replace I park the car with scew exposed in a good angle,jack the car up one corner(using the jack from other car).pulled the scew out, clean ,dry(hair dryer).performed standard plug procedure like I did with my other cars.pumped the air in,pull the jack out,ajusted the tire pressure.done.and so far so good.however other people may think it is risky,your choice.

xfyrdudex | 19 February, 2019

If they're telling you they can't patch it, there's a reason for it. I know a new tire is costly, but if you got a hole in or near the sidewall, it's been determined that it's not safe to patch such holes. The sidewalls handle all of the load of the car, so if it's compromised by a hole, the structural integrity of the tire is compromised.

In some cases, you could patch a small hole from inside and get away with it, but absolutely wouldn't consider plugging a tire with a hole in or near the sidewall. Almost certainly will fail. While a new tire is costly, think big picture please. Is a blow out at 65 miles per hour less costly? If it happens on a curve and you lose control of the car? Or if the tire explodes and the flying tread damages the fender, inner fender well and almost certainly the wheel. The $300 you saved will get a lot more costly.

More importantly though, you put your life and the lives of others around you at risk.

Please, think twice about saving a few bucks. Not ragging on you, just speaking from experience. It's not worth the added risk.

Wish you all the best.

surfpearl | 19 February, 2019

You can improvise a jack pad with a piece of plywood and/or thick cardboard, but in this case you won't even need a jack. Since you've never done this kind of repair you can give it a try as a matter of practice. It may or may not work out in the end, but you will have learned quite a bit by doing. It will come in handy next time. If the fix is successful, which is unlikely given what the professionals told you, take it easy and don't go on the freeway for the reasons others stated above. Monitor the pressure and handling while taking the back roads and surface streets. Save up and have the tire replaced before you have to take to the freeway again.

ODWms | 20 February, 2019

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve had good luck over the decades with plugs, even on shoulder of the tire. It’s quick, easy, and gets you going in most cases faster than even using a spare. But the professionals know their business.

They have to factor in the potential risk and attendant liability of thousands upon thousands of their customers’ tires one way or the other (more chances for something to go wrong). Of course, it goes without saying that there’s incentive for them to recommend a more involved, costlier repair or, better yet, sell a $300 tire.

As others have said there is always potential risk to going for one option over others. I’ve chosen to do it this way; you’ve got to make the decision for yourself, being armed with all of the information.

LikeEVs | 20 February, 2019

It seems like the M3 is a magnet for side wall puncture! I had mine within the first 3 months of owning the car, and Tesla does not have any tire warranty. I know another friend that had experienced similar misfortune within 6 months of owning the car.

Knock on wood, none of the other cars that I have ever owned experienced side wall puncture.

cmh95628 | 21 February, 2019

Thank you all for your input and advise. I ended up having America's Tire order the tire, and when the 30% chance of patching turned into 0% chance, had them put on the new tire. I saved a little by getting their warranty, $268 instead of $313, and now I have all my tires under warranty. Did not get a flat for 40 years of driving, then got two in the last year. Fooey!

For those of us who are fans of Michelin tires, the tech said he thinks they will definitely have this tire (for 19" wheels, 96W or 98W rated, with sound deadening foam) in the next 18 months (which is about when I expect to need new tires).

cmh95628 | 21 February, 2019

P.S. I tried to get a loaner tire/spare from Tesla and their roadside assistance, but there are none currently available in the Sacramento area.

coleAK | 21 February, 2019

First off I used hockey pucks when I put ours on the frame lift. Second like magic 8 said only a patch from the inside is a viable long term patch. I’m a huge advocate of the auto skills/hobby shop on post/base for anyone who is active duty or retired and nearby one. It’s $7 per hour do full use of their equipment. I even mount and balance my own tires there.