How to Prevent Setting Off Sentry Mode Alarm When Parked and Waiting in Model 3? Will It Set Off?

How to Prevent Setting Off Sentry Mode Alarm When Parked and Waiting in Model 3? Will It Set Off?


If I am driving the Tesla Model 3 with a passenger, I get out of the car and walk away, will the car activate the Sentry Mode alarm automatically even though there is a passenger in the passenger seat? Or will it detect a passenger due to the passenger's weight and not set off the Sentry Mode alarm if the passenger is knocking around inside the car?

I don't want my passenger to go deaf by accidentally setting off the Sentry Mode alarm.

Do I have to go through the car's LCD screen menu (or the phone app) to turn off the Sentry Mode manually or will sentry mode turn off automatically if it senses the weight of a person sitting on the car's seat?

It seems like a PITA to have to turn off the sentry mode manually every time you leave a waiting passenger in the car. Also, the danger is that I forget to turn off sentry mode if I leave behind a waiting passenger in my car. I work on the South side of town where there is high crime so I want to just leave the sentry mode on and forget about it.

I read the faq after the OTA update and I saw half a dozen youtube videos but it is still not clear.


rainismine | 24 February, 2019

I'm not 100% sure since I just got the update last night but it seems you have to enable Sentry Mode each time you put the car in park (P) - either via screen or Tesla app on phone. I thought it was a bug in the software but I believe it's to prevent concerns like yours.

tomasrey88 | 25 February, 2019

ahh... i found tesla raj's youtube post and you're right, you have to turn it on every time or it will be off by default.

fabianfabian | 13 July, 2019

Yes when you go out the car will activate Sentry Mode and it will trigger the alarm if you have people waiting in the car. I have experienced this myself and it scared my sisters who were waiting in the car.