Charger to small

Charger to small

California85D | 26 February, 2019


kevin_rf | 27 February, 2019

So are you looking for one that is just right?

hokiegir1 | 27 February, 2019

Imma need some more details here. Like how it's "to small". Not enough power? Doesn't fit the port (unlikely)? Otherwise, I'm chalking this up to user error and RTFM.

lilbean | 27 February, 2019

That's what she said.

dsvick | 27 February, 2019

You gave your charger to Small? You should get it back ...

ken.lunde | 27 February, 2019

Maybe a different adapter is needed:

I needed to buy a NEMA 14-30 adapter for my home charger.

Magic 8 Ball | 27 February, 2019

Wait until John Smallberries hears about this.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 27 February, 2019

Remember your SAT analogies, kids.
Charger is to Small as:
a) Puck is to hockey
b) Dog is to Cat
c) Gas Station is to Large
d) Kitchen is to Hamster

rdh37 | 28 February, 2019

I really like Magic 8 Ball's comment. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension is an all-time classic bad movie. One has to wonder though, if it changes and becomes to*** big, what will John Bigboote have to say?

M3BlueGeorgia | 28 February, 2019


Do you realize you can edit both your headline and details, unlike the rest of these posts which can be neither editied nor deleted?

Anyway, lots of fun here for a post which had poor grammar plus a total absence of supporting detail. :-)

kevin_rf | 28 February, 2019

But M3BlueGeorgia, Grammer is such a small detail

Lorenzryanc | 28 February, 2019

It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.

Nexxus | 5 March, 2019

She wants the "Goldilocks" charger. One that's just right...

djharrington | 5 March, 2019

Remember the days when we used to explain that the charger is permanently in the car and the device you plug your car into is an EVSE?