Autopilot changes on recent purchase

Autopilot changes on recent purchase

So I literally picked up a new x 4 days ago- was a floor model so got a discount.

Totally loaded p100d

Listed as enhanced autopilot (5k). NO self driving option available.

Today when I go onto Tesla website it asks if I want self driving for additional 5k?

What the what????

Such an odd situation. Thoughts?

lilbean | 1 March, 2019

You literally picked it up? Wow! You’re strong! It’s about 6,000 pounds.

dkabq | 2 March, 2019

Look again, I noticed last night that the option for FSD has gone down to 3K from 5K for me after purchase option.

tomthalody | 2 March, 2019

Tesla is cheating us. I have the same issue. Two months ago when I ordered my Model X they didn't even offer self-driving capability. I talked to the agent and he said enhanced auto-piloting is same as self-driving. The day after I bought the car then there showed an option of self-driving for an additional $ 5000.
Tesla is a big cheater.
Now you call them. You have no way talking to any higher-ups. No way you can complain about anything to them.

tomthalody | 2 March, 2019

Time for a class action lawsuit against Tesla.

jimglas | 2 March, 2019

Maybe you can trade it in for a kia