Diecast 1:18 Scale Model 3

Diecast 1:18 Scale Model 3

For those who were unaware, and to provide a much-needed distraction from the recent EAP/AP/FSD discussions, Tesla now offers via its online store a diecast 1:18 scale Model 3 in all five colors. While they sell one that matches my wife's Model 3, which is red with a black interior, they unfortunately don't offer one that matches mine, which is white with a white interior:

Yeah, I know: first world problems.

Magic 8 Ball | 2 March, 2019

Cool! No AP or FSD?

dgstan | 2 March, 2019

I really want to buy one, but what if they drop the price next year?

Fool me once....

jithesh | 2 March, 2019

@Magic 8 Ball.. Nope. Actually they don't even offer the AWD version. I was hoping since I got RWD LR last year I could at least afford buy the AWD Performance in die cast.. :-(

lunde | 2 March, 2019

Thinking further, the Performance brake calipers make it a non-starter for me. At least, it's AWD and LR.

lunde | 2 March, 2019

Also, they're missing the Performance spoiler and badge. Maybe Mobile Service can add them at a later date?

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 March, 2019

Disassemble and paint. Sorted.

datoda | 2 March, 2019

Is this the same diecast toy given away free to those early Model 3 buyers?

Magic 8 Ball | 2 March, 2019

The "freebie" is smaller at 1/43 scale.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 2 March, 2019

datoda: No. I think those are matchbox scale, something like 1:38 or 1:48. Notice the title to this thread includes '1:18' instead.

jithesh | 2 March, 2019

@datoda what early Model 3 buyers got was made of plastic. I have one of those. I think this is metal with much better finishing. Also in the one I got you cannot open the doors, frunk, etc.

datoda | 2 March, 2019

@jithesh: Are you sure you bought an authentic Tesla Model 3 rather than the Chinese knockoff Tezla Model E? A quick Google search showed that Tesla did give away smaller diecast model for free.

All joking aside, thanks for the info, guys.

jithesh | 2 March, 2019

@datoda you never know. I will get it ripped and checked out by Munro. If I find its a chinese knockoff I will sue Elon for giving me the fake Tesla diecast, I paid $50K for the car its not small money.

BTW Does anyone know if the Tesla diecast's run on hotwheels track ?

alisse | 2 March, 2019

Is this the same one early line holders got (but in more colors)? $250 seems like a lot for a matchbox car.

kevin_rf | 2 March, 2019

At that scale it should be 10"x4"x3". A little big, and heavy (1kg) for a match box.

I'll wait for a price drop near the end of the quarter.

RedShift | 2 March, 2019

Can I get a CPO diecast Model for half the price? I’d also like some state and federal tax breaks, only then I can see it being worthwhile.

Carl Thompson | 4 March, 2019

Got mine today!

As lame as the freebie was, this one is pure AWESOME.

It's huge, heavy, the doors, frunk and trunk open and of course it rolls. The front wheels even turn when you turn the steering wheel! (Not kidding.)

When I ordered it I was thinking that $250 was kinda overpriced for a model car. Now that I have it that price seems great; this thing is incredibly detailed. It's going right on my desk at work.

Carl Thompson | 4 March, 2019

I do notice the model's paint job is better than the one on my actual car! ;-)

MNTeslaP3D | 4 March, 2019

Somehow they missed putting the badge and spoiler on it.

jimglas | 4 March, 2019

they are on back order .....

Carl Thompson | 5 March, 2019


Seriously. Everyone should go buy one of these things. It's really awesome.

Magic 8 Ball | 5 March, 2019

With advance summon it looks like I will have a 1:1 RC version soon.

spuzzz123 | 5 March, 2019

Oh man at first I thought this was the same thing they gave us as an early reservist but no these are much bigger and doors and trunk actually open. Pretty cool. I’m not gonna throw $250 at it but still.

Trekman | 5 March, 2019

How are the panel gaps?

Carl Thompson | 5 March, 2019


Panel gaps and paint on mine are PERFECT! If anyone says theirs is otherwise then they are obviously shorter trolls trying to destroy the better future that glorious leader Musk is trying to make for us all.

Carl Thompson | 5 March, 2019

And I can't stress enough how awesome this thing is.

Halbach | 5 March, 2019

Does it have phantom drain ;-)

rmlee | 5 March, 2019

Gaps too big around doors and hood.

Trekman | 5 March, 2019

Ok Carl, I'm sold, and was about to pull the trigger when suddenly my FSD page was updated to the $2,000. So now the choice becomes complicated!

lunde | 6 March, 2019

Here is a photo of the Red Multi-Coat one:

And yes, it is missing the Performance spoiler and badge, but does have the red brake calipers.

Its tiny rear license plate has a nice touch in that the red text in a script font above "Model 3" reads "Made in California" (though the item itself is made in China).

itsnice2be | 6 March, 2019

I wonder how long it will take to come out with a Red Multi-Coat with a White Interior? Mine with a Black Interior will go on EBay as soon as that happens!

lunde | 6 March, 2019

@itsnice2be I am not holding my breath for any additional configurations, which is why I decided to spring for the one that matches my wife's Model 3 configuration, in terms of exterior and interior color.

priit | 6 March, 2019

And I am still waiting for the RHD version, even in diecast they only make LHD

Trekman | 6 March, 2019

Are the tyres rubber or hard plastic? And in the description they say "Choking Hazard", if this thing is so huge, what can I choke on? What is displayed on the screen?

kevin_rf | 6 March, 2019

Asked wife for one for my up coming b-day. We'll see... Wonder if they have one with aero wheels.

Carl Thompson | 6 March, 2019


Tires are rubber.

There are lots of parts on the car so I'm sure an ambitious child could yank off the steering wheel or side mirrors and choke on them if he/she tries hard enough.

A navigation map is displayed on the screen. Doesn't quite look like an exact match the the current Model 3 software's navigation but you'd have to be weird to notice that. Oh, wait...

lunde | 7 March, 2019

I managed to take a photo of the interior that provides a better view of the screen:

tomasrey88 | 7 March, 2019

Anybody interested in a plastic 3d printed one for $125 in black, white or red monocolor? For $200, I can do any color outside and inside.

kevin_rf | 7 March, 2019

@lunde... Definetely top notch. I want, I want, I want!

beopaul | 7 March, 2019

@Trekman: And in the description they say "Choking Hazard", if this thing is so huge, what can I choke on?
That's why it says "Not suitable for children under 14 years old". 14-year-olds have bigger mouths!

elplawn | 7 March, 2019

Waiting on "white on white" config.

Carl Thompson | 7 March, 2019


Great pic!

Trekman | 7 March, 2019

Ok, I measured out what 260mm would be, figured no way I could choke on it, so I ordered one!

rxlawdude | 7 March, 2019

Why is the black the same price as the multicoat red? ;-)

kevin_rf | 8 March, 2019

Your right, Tesla needs to refund you $2.50

TickTock | 8 March, 2019

I would totally get one if they offered white interior and Aero wheels but $250 is too much for almost.

lunde | 9 March, 2019

Looking at the history of the diecast 1:18 scale Model S, it was offered in Midnight Silver Metallic with black interior or Red Multi-Coat with tan interior at one point, and now those exterior colors have white and black interiors, respectively. So, I suspect that when this first batch of diecast 1:18 scale Model 3s are sold out, the next batch may have swapped interior colors.

bj | 9 March, 2019

@CT - I’m not interested until they make a RHD one!

Trekman | 9 March, 2019

Is there "Some Assembly Required"?

billstanton | 9 March, 2019

lunde: Are you selling patches of carpet to put it on?

I see a market for little custom license plates...

Carl Thompson | 10 March, 2019

"Is there 'Some Assembly Required?' "

No. It comes fully assembled and very well packaged.