What car did you used to drive before the model 3?

What car did you used to drive before the model 3?

With all these comments in the other thread of "best car ever", "best car in the world", etc, it really made me curious as to what cars you were driving before model 3 ownership

While the model 3 is a great car, it certainly isnt the best driving experience ive had...but I've been pretty privileged to drive some very nice exotics.

keydel | 4 March, 2019

2010 Prius. Doesn’t get a whole lot less exotic than that…

j.nichol | 4 March, 2019

2010 Prius. Lol.

I haven't wanted to replace it because it's just kept working perfectly and I didn't have to bother charging it every time I got home nor did I have to go to the gas station often at all.

And when I *did* finally have to go to the gas station, it was never more than about $25 to fill up the tank.

My car tastes tend to run on the practical/lazy side.

j.nichol | 4 March, 2019

Hahahaha--just posted at the same time as keydel.

Anthonygonsalvesjr | 4 March, 2019

2006 Wrangler. Complete opposite from the Model 3 with roll up windows, doors came off, manual transmission, heat worked kinda. lol love both of them

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 4 March, 2019

1984 Ford Fairmont
1997 Chevy Cavalier
2000 Jeep Cherokee
2002 Toyota MR2
2006 Prius
2007 Lexus RX350
2012 328i
2017 RX350

Tesla is the only car I’ve ever owned that is worth talking about in a forum.

wallacej010 | 4 March, 2019

20015 Camry hybrid.... waiting on the Tesla truck so I can mothball my 2005 Titan

zerogravitydrgn | 4 March, 2019

07 Acura TL Type-S Manual. Loved that car but the Tesla is the future. Before the Model 3 was announced I was looking at the Accord Hybrid or a BMW 3. I can’t imagine choosing either of those now.

EAPme | 4 March, 2019

2016 Volt

I really enjoyed that car. It restored my faith in American cars. Before that it was varying flavors of Honda and a BMW.

rob | 4 March, 2019

'08 528i. My Favorite car of all time until I got my M3 LR WD. Loved the Beemer but it was costing a fortune in its old age. I've never been more excited about a car in my life (M3 LR AWD)

kevin_rf | 4 March, 2019

'05 Prius 380,000 miles
'02 Prius 104,000 miles
'93 Dodge Shadow 238,000 miles

Learned to drive on a '88 Sunbird and 80's Dodge Omni

Finkle | 4 March, 2019

2008 Tacoma
2012 Toyota Camry
2016 Cheverolet Camaro 2SS
2018 Tesla P3D and staying. After using a v8 200+miles a week as commute car ,why didn't i think about EV cars yet.

Teslanene | 4 March, 2019

2007 mustang
1995 mustang

I still enjoy driving my mustang. How can people drive Prius one of the ugliest car out there.

coleAK | 4 March, 2019

@AWad Tesla. “Pretty nice exotics” is not all that specific, do tell.

calvin940 | 4 March, 2019

In order of ownership

1990 Plymouth Laser (new)
1995 Eagle Talon AWD (new)
1997 Jeep TJ (new)
1999 Porsche C4 Coupe (new)
2000 Audi A6 - 6 Speed Manual (new)
2003 BMW 328i (used)
2009 Toyota Hylander Hybrid (new)
2006 Toyota Sienna Minivan (used)
2013 Mazda CX-5 - 6 Speed (used)
2018 Tesla Model 3 LR-AWD (new)

kevin_rf | 4 March, 2019

@Teslanene You obviously have never seen the Pontiac Aztek.

Just wait till all the SR Model 3 owners start joining. Dollars to donuts a very large number of them will be coming from Prius and other practicle cars. Damn reliable, efficient cars. Great on snow and ice, tons of cargo space. Heck, if they had made a 200 mile EV in the Prius body, Toyota, not Elon would have my money.

coleAK | 4 March, 2019

@kevin_rf. I’ve always thought the model x looks a lot like an Aztec.

calvin940 | 4 March, 2019

@coleAK uhm ya.. you need your brain checked. They are not even close.

jwet15202 | 4 March, 2019

2015 Audi S5 convertible w rear sports diff
2008 Audi A4 3.2 s-line

Felt a lot of similarities with the S5, but love that I can go chill/standard steering, tighten it up and haul a$$, or just let the M3 drive itself in stop and go highway traffic.

darrelk | 4 March, 2019

2017 Kia Optima
2016 BMW 535 loaded with heads up and tech package

jamilworm | 4 March, 2019

1995 Civic
1998 Civic
2002 Civic
2013 Fit

Big step up to the Model 3

jamilworm | 4 March, 2019

@coleAK - Lol you aren't the only one. I am not a fan of the Model X styling.

abalsone | 4 March, 2019

2006 Mazdaspeed 3
2016 MB C63S

kevin_rf | 4 March, 2019


I've always heard Aztek drivers really love those Aztec's, just like Prius drivers love the Prius, and Civic drivers love those souped up lawn mowers ;-)

Rymack1 | 4 March, 2019

2016 Leaf

Danzer | 4 March, 2019

1988 Honda CRX
1987 Ford F-150
1987 Mazda RX7
1990 Ford Ranger
1996 Toyota Tacoma
1996 Ford Ranger
2004 Cadillac Deville
2006 Toyota Tacoma
2013 Ford Fusion
2010 Toyota 4Runner

2018 Tesla LR AWD. This is my first New Car after 28 years of driving and by far my favorite to drive. I’m stepping on it all the time and my wife hates it but she still goes “Wheeeeeeeeee” like the pig (Maxwell) in the Geico commercial.

briggie | 4 March, 2019

Audi s4 2010.

jebensonff428 | 4 March, 2019

2011 Chevy Malibu

Shesmyne2 | 4 March, 2019

05 Mustang 5spd convertible.
Loved it. Always been a power car fan-mostly V8s in my history.
Seems so archaic after my 3...

Still Grinning ;-)

Firaz.ashraf | 4 March, 2019

Totally environment friendly, super efficient 1992 donkey cart...

Mike UpNorth | 4 March, 2019


OrhanBlue | 4 March, 2019

2016 BMW 740i.. I love the air suspension. My M3 doesn’t have air suspension, the ride “to me” is more stiff in the M3. However my M3 has amazing torque it bolts passed all cars in its path. My M3 is AWD. I love it.

ajmach2 | 4 March, 2019

Subaru WRX STI :)

sroh | 4 March, 2019

2011 Infiniti G37S. This is the first time since I was in my 20s that I purchased a new car before 10 years of ownership.

hector | 4 March, 2019

wow, lots of ICE's being replaced. all going according to plan...

coselectric | 4 March, 2019

My AWD Model 3 replaced a 1994 Subaru Legacy wagon.

(The Model 3 is a better drive, in case you were wondering).

Rjk | 4 March, 2019

1998 Mercury Mountaineer
2016 Subaru Outback

My P3D- is the only car I like more the longer I own it. I really wanted an suv, but needed a third car for the kids and could not wait for the model Y.

dennismclerran1 | 4 March, 2019

BMW 330e plug in hybrid
Chrysler Pacifica plug in hybrid still owned

coleAK | 4 March, 2019

The overall shape and lines are similar between the model x and Aztec. Apparently I’m not the only one

And this one is from a forum...

surfpearl | 5 March, 2019
nwfan | 5 March, 2019

Born in the 50's a baby boomer.

Here's a couple of highlights.
1967 - Mustang Convertible - 1st car in High School, hand me down
2011 - Chevy Volt - number #1508 loved this car Mar 2011
2016 - Tesla Model S
2016 - Chevy Volt (2nd car could not afford 2 T's)
2017 - Tesla Model S100D updated 1st S for the higher range
2018 - Tesla Model 3 (1 year old) #8324 Mar 2018

Mar 2019 marks the 8th year driving some form of electric car.

AWDTesla | 5 March, 2019

Ok, so a lot of you drove some pretty practical and boring cars, I can see why moving to the 3 would be such a jump in driving experience.

Cant knock ya there, as a model 3 is a screamer compared to a lot of the cars listed here.

tomgrote | 5 March, 2019

2002 porsche 911, very fun car but love the M3. Too bad performance model was not available when I got mine.

EVolution | 5 March, 2019

1993 Corolla
1999 Tercel
2010 Mazda 6
2010 Dodge Caravan

calvin940 | 5 March, 2019


I am not a fan of the Model X vehicle (or type of vehicle) but those two vehicles are similar in the fact that they have 4 wheels. The angles are different. Aztec is boxy design whereas the lines on the model x are smooth and curved. The height of the doors and proportionality of glass vs doors are different. Partitions are different. Like it's ridiculous to suggest they are similar. They can be considered as similar to pretty much most other vehicles I could substitute in for model x.

Others to support the argument doesn't make it true. There are loads of people that still believe the earth is flat, vaccinations cause autism, etc.

e.suter | 5 March, 2019

I will only go back a few years or this would be a big post.
2016 Ford Mustang GT Premium 6MT California Special.
2014 Chevy SS
2013 Ford Mustang GT Premium

nwsrgilmore | 5 March, 2019

Daily driver was a 2012 Prius V. For fun, I drove a 2007 Mustang Shelby GT500 Convertible. I actually prefer the Model 3 to the GT500 as far as a "fun car" to drive.

TM3Q | 5 March, 2019

McLaren P1 2013

After a while started to lose hearing so switched to Tesla :-)

82bert | 5 March, 2019

2006 Nissan Sentra.

jackcolo | 5 March, 2019

2012 VW Beetle - turbo, DSG, APR stage ! tune.

This was my all-time favorite car until I got my 2017 Model X. The "X" driving experience made the VW seem slow, crude, and clumsy. Hence, it's role as the 2nd was terminated and it was replaced by the 2018 Model 3.

Bulldawg | 5 March, 2019

1976 Ford Pinto
1981 Mercury Cougar XR7
1985 Honda Civic
1985 Volvo Wagon (Used) (Wife's car)
1991 Toyota Corolla
1991 Dodge Caravan (Wife's)
1997 Dodge Caravan (Wife's)
2000 Plymouth Town and Country (Wife's)
2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2000 Volvo S80 (Used)
2003 Chevy Trailblazer (Wife's)
2007 Honda Accord
2012 Toyota 4Runner (Wife's)
2012 Toyota Camry - this was my immediate predecessor to the 3 until it was totaled last year
2015 Scion FRS (Wife's)
2017 BMW X5 (Wife's)

So you can see I've never driven anything fun until now. I'll be really surprised if I ever by another ICE vehicle. Hoping the Model Y will be a good replacement for the BMW. Got our first grandkid on the way and I expect the wife to be spending a lot of time with her.