Space Photo Referral Award - Any Word?

Space Photo Referral Award - Any Word?

Curious if anyone was invited to upload a photo for the most recent first tier referral award. The referral status page on my app told me that Tesla would solicit photos in February ... and now the referral screen has been removed from the app entirely. Anyone hear from Tesla about this?

For the record, I’m not sitting here itching to send a photo to space or demanding that Tesla work double-time to fulfill these referral awards — I’m just curious... especially given that I’ve already received my second-tier referral award (which would seem more logistically challenging that soliciting photos).

Thanks for the insight.

RES IPSA | 7 March, 2019

I really hope Tesla doesn't actually litter deep space with the photos of M3 owners... Better to just send a $100-$200 check, in my opinion

mattychiarello | 7 March, 2019

Space is essentially infinite.

As long as Elon can blast those photos beyond Earth orbit, shouldn’t really be a problem...

disapr | 8 March, 2019

I wonder if they are going to do a special launch event for this and invite us. Hope so.

San_Diego_P3D | 8 May, 2019

I haven’t heard anything Tesla either

jithesh | 8 May, 2019

don't do that.. aliens will come looking for you

ICEMELT | 8 May, 2019

That's just nice way to say you get nothing on one referral.

skulleyb | 26 January, 2020

This never went anywhere
I heard a we would get a hat and a picture sent up
But nothing about it
Wtf Tesla

jimglas | 26 January, 2020

They told me that my picture was in the glove compartment of elon's roadster
Dont tell me that they lied?

Nexxus | 6 February, 2020


Naw, what was in the glove box was list of all the current owners up to the date of the launch. :)