Mercedes' "Tesla killer" is going to get "killed" by Tesla

Mercedes' "Tesla killer" is going to get "killed" by Tesla

While most people talk about the Audi E-Tron coming and that it will be competition for the X, Mercedes also has their EV SUV and forthcoming EV brand "EQ". Well trust me on this, the Mercedes EQC400, based on what I just read, mind as well be called DOA and is far from being a "Tesla Killer".

In the most recent issue of The Star magazine (MBCA), they have what is basically a PR statement by Mercedes and below are some quotes from it;

".....the EQC is a pioneer for an avant-garde electric look while representing the design idiom of progressive luxury" Google this vehicle and it looks like any plain vanilla wrapper SUV.
"....In terms of quality, safety and comfort, the EQC is the Mercedes-Benz among electric vehicles and highly convincing in the sum of its attributes" You know Mercedes marketing wrote this...
" ...."thanks to an ingenious operation strategy using a lithium-ion battery supply 80 kWh, the EQC has preliminary estimated range of 279 miles, according to the New European Driving Cycle......"
"....As standard, the EQC is equipped with a water cooled onboard charger with a capacity of 7.4kw...."
"The EQC will go on sales in the United States in 2020"

I don't know what 279 miles from the new European standard means in EPA miles, but I am guessing that translates to maybe 250 miles and they are using a meager 7.4 kw charger. At least in my S, there is a 10 kw charger. So not only will this EQC not go very far compared to a X, it will take longer to charge it. Also if history dictates anything, Mercedes will charge you extra to get a dedicated 240V charging cable, versus just providing an adapter. That is what they did for the B-Class EV. | 13 March, 2019

Yep, I agree. Consider the MB will be priced way above a similar Tesla, or they will lose money and it becomes another limited volume compliance vehicle.

You're been generous on range. NEDC * 0.85 gives you a closer estimate to EPA. In this case 238 miles.

jordanrichard | 13 March, 2019

Oh so EPA miles equates to 80% of NEDC numbers? I will have to remember that to help cut through the BS numbers the European OEMs are trying to impress everyone with.

The E-Tron is even worse. You go to their site and while they don't tell you anywhere what the total range is, in their comparison how quick the E-tron can reach 80% vs the X and I-Pace, they denote that 80% is 160 miles for the E-Tron. That is only 200 miles at 100%

Roger1 | 13 March, 2019

Mercedes Benz has a well recognized and very prestigious brand name. People buy MB because their cars are very good and the luxury brand is seen as evidence of a wealthy and important owner (at least the big ones). MB has a loyal base of customers who will go to them for an electric vehicle. MB will price their vehicle to market plus a premium for the brand name. Even if the initial pricing does not meet their normal margin targets they will do it to establish themselves in the EV market.

The initial production of the MB electric will deliver somewhere between 238 and 279 miles depending on which figures you prefer. Even the lower number is enough for many users particularly if they normally drive in the suburbs and city. The CCS fast charging network is building out so range is not such a big deal. People drive long distances with 60 kWh and 75 kWh batteries. Not everyone has a model S with a 100 kWh battery.

I haven't looked at the Audi etron lately so I don't have any comment on your range estimates. Audi seemed to be estimating 400 km/250mi at the beginning. I will have to check if Bjorn Nyland has been able to put an etron through one of his mileage tests.

Yodrak. | 13 March, 2019

"So not only will this EQC not go very far compared to a X, it will take longer to charge it."

Yes, but it will "represent the design idiom of progressive luxury" and "an ingenious operation strategy". There's no luxury like progressive luxury and no operation strategy like an ingenious operation strategy. Gotta love those adjectives and the price they command.

blue adept | 13 March, 2019

Honestly, I'd just be happy for them to adopt BEV-based transportation in whatever form...Seriously!

Earl and Nagin ... | 13 March, 2019

You're a bit naive but I suspect the only truth you'll believe is history -- in about a decade - after it has happened.
Remember that GM developed the first modern, viable EV but threw it all away. There are direct lines between GM/Hughes and Tesla via AeroVironment, Rosen Motors, and AC Propulsion.
Why do you think Baldwin and Alco developed such lousy diesel engines (although I'm not sure Baldwin did until they got absorbed by Alco)?
MB is getting clobbered by Tesla -- they have to change. It will be interesting if they continue to half-heartedly do so or just die as their loyal fan base deserts them. Same applies to Jaguar, BMW, Audi, and Lexus.
The CCS network, at least in the US, is terrible and, like its predecessor, The EV Project, there seems to be little motivation to fix it.
Things may happen differently in Europe and Asia.

jordanrichard | 14 March, 2019

Roger1, sorry, but here in CT/Northeast, Mercedes are a dime a dozen. Mercedes also just brought the A-Class to the U.S. for about $32,000 and is front wheel drive. Mercedes like Jag is living on borrowed time and past prestige. MB stopped designing/ building cars to a standard in the mid 90's. Anyone and I mean anyone that knows Mercedes, is well aware of this. Also, relatively speaking hardly anyone buys Mercedes, they rent, whoops, I mean leases them. Out on Long Island 90% of MB "sold" are actually leased. As far as brand loyalty goes, that no longer exists. Leasing is what ruined brand loyalty. This is not my opinion or speculation, that is coming from the owner of a dealer here in CT. People will drive a BMW for 3 years, then switch to a Benz, then switch to a Lexus, so on and so forth. Since most people lease (rent), they have no skin in the game. Typically maintenance is included, so they don't have "care" for the car's well being.

Also if there was such brand loyalty, why are they losing sales to Tesla......?

blue adept | 14 March, 2019

And to clarify my earlier comment...