Traveling and Leaving the Car Parked Long Term

Traveling and Leaving the Car Parked Long Term

Hey All,

I am leaving the car parked in my garage for 3 months while I am away on a trip.

Should I keep the charger plugged in during the 3 months?

Any tips I should know before leaving it?

jdcollins5 | 15 March, 2019

Keep it plugged in and set charge to 50-60% range. It will automatically recharge with every 3% drop in charge.

Frank99 | 15 March, 2019

jdcollins hits the nail on the head - nothing special needs to be done, just leave it plugged in with the charge level set to something reasonable (I'd give it 50-80%, but that's just me).

- If temperatures drop below freezing, the car will automatically keep the battery warm.
- If temperatures climb, the car will automatically cool the battery
- If you are parking in the sun in Phoenix, cabin overheat protection will automatically cool the passenger cabin to reduce aging of the materials inside.
- As long as the car is plugged in, it'll have the battery power necessary to perform all those functions.

Otherwise, parking it is similar to any other car - park it where vandals can't get to it, where birds can't crap on it, and make sure the air pressure in the tires is up to spec.

fubsz | 15 March, 2019

Thank you guys very much!
<3 the community.