New user - AP Lane changing

New user - AP Lane changing

New Model 3 owner. Got my Blue AWD model with AP on Friday. The car is great and very easy to drive because of the regen. AP got calibrated by the time I reached home from the Delivery center.

When I tried AP on the freeway, how do I change the lanes? Turning on the indicator does not seem to do anything. The indicator keeps blinking without actually changing the lane. Does it mean the calibration is not complete or am I doing something wrong? Any help is appreciated

Gordon87 | 17 March, 2019

I thought the new AP / FSD, replacing EAP / FSD, moved auto lane change to FSD. See

Gordon87 | 17 March, 2019

I thought the new AP / FSD, replacing EAP / FSD, moved auto lane change to FSD. See

Firaz.ashraf | 17 March, 2019

It takes a while to get a hang of it without enhanced autopilot but I would have expected that a hard turn signal should work, subject to lines, curve, and distance of cars around you.

Gordon87 | 17 March, 2019
M3phan | 17 March, 2019

Yes new AP (as opposed to old EAP) does not have lane change. That’s now under FSD.

gridc | 17 March, 2019

I had this same confusion and was able to update my order to include FSD the day before my delivery. Might be worth calling Tesla to see if they'll still let you pay the pre-delivery price.

hector | 17 March, 2019

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yashovan | 17 March, 2019

Thanks everyone. I thought on demand lane change during AutoSteer is part of the base package and automatic lane changing is part of the FSD. Apparently I assumed wrong

stephenfootball | 17 March, 2019

AP doesn’t have lane change? I just did it in my week old 3. You need to engage autosteer.

njchillie | 18 March, 2019

@yashovan You didn’t assume wrong, as it is documented exactly as you describe in the user’s manual in the car. Tesla changed the definition without updating the user’s manual.

Firaz.ashraf | 18 March, 2019

I find it hard to believe that manually engaging lane change by using the indicator is not enabled in basic autopilot. Enhanced autopilot includes navigate on autopilot that suggests lane changes - this should have been part of FSD now, but the basic version should still be available.
OP - you have tried initiating lane change with indicator while on AP? You have tried while you have sufficient clearance ahead of you in current lane and while the lane your changing into is clear? And did you make sure you don't give the soft tap for lane change (3 turn blinks) but rather the hard tap on the turn stalk?

EVRider | 18 March, 2019

@Firaz: Might be hard to believe, but it’s true: the new basic AP does not include auto lane change. See one of the other threads referenced above for more details.

Firaz.ashraf | 18 March, 2019

Thats rough - and we are sure that "Auto Lane Change" means the same thing as "lane change" while on AP?

stephenfootball | 18 March, 2019

This is confusing. I took delivery a week ago. I'm on the trial version of AP. If I engage auto pilot and auto steer it will change lanes when I put on the blinker. Pretty sure AP will changes lanes if you tell it to.

JAD | 18 March, 2019

Make sure you have it turned on in settings.

My understanding is it will change lanes when you tell it, it just won't suggest lane changes like on Nav with AP.

roaddevil | 18 March, 2019

On AP alone, it will not change lane if you turn signal on. If you change lane manually, Auto steer will be turned off. It only works if you have FSD

I brought AP last Tuesday, it was enabled on the Thursday, I tried auto lane chang, it did not
work then. I added FSD on Thursday , it acviated on Friday, I tried lane change by turning on the light, it w works as expected.

farrell_reis | 18 March, 2019

yep ap has lane change but you have to turn on in the controls section

burdogg | 18 March, 2019

AP does not have lane change - been confirmed by many. The trial version in the past has been EAP - so wonder if that is still the trial version that people refer to.

But on the purchase page of a new car on autopilot - you see this:

Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.

Says Nothing about changing lanes - in fact the whole description ends with...within its lane.

FSD now is the only place it states changing lanes.

So unfortunately it is NOT part of the AP package...

burdogg | 18 March, 2019

I will be able to confirm as well that it is not just a "setting" that is off - once it gets downloaded on my 3 - as I purchased it over the weekend.

EVRider | 18 March, 2019

@Firaz: I also had a hard time believing that the new AP didn’t include auto lane change, but enough people have confirmed this in other threads. This update from Tesla also says explicitly that auto lane change is now part of FSD:

jonandivette | 18 March, 2019

Maybe with enough chatter in the community about this subject they will have a change of heart. Engaging the stalk and telling the car when to change lanes just seems more like it should be in the AP package not FSD. Nav on auto pilot with auto lane charges and over taking cars completely makes sense on FSD.

dcpatel | 18 March, 2019

I regret buying AP for $2k. Without assited lane change it is useless. Tesla is becoming greedy lately. No more Tesla cars for me.

charles.a.braun | 18 March, 2019

Considering Lane Change is included with AP1, I don't think it should be exclusive to EAP/FSD.

Come on Tesla, give regular AP users Auto Lane Change

stephenfootball | 18 March, 2019

I'm still not convinced. AP includes auto steer. You can disengage auto steer by turning the steering wheel. Auto steer would disengage every time you changed lanes? Again, it's working on my trial version of AP. I don't think they would include FSD features in the AP trial?

rajivrag | 18 March, 2019

Here's my prediction. Once NOA can auto change lanes without signal stalk confirmation, AP wil get this assisted lane change.

ajbutler45 | 18 March, 2019

@dcpatel What Tesla model do you own? When do you tend to use Autopilot? Even without lane change ability AP have lane keeping and adaptive speed control is still a great tool for rush hour traffic and for long trips. I don't change lanes that often.

dcpatel | 18 March, 2019

@ajbutler45 I own M3. I change lanes to pass slow drivers. It is must. After buying AP I used couple times but without lane change I stopped using it. Not that much useful.

RES IPSA | 18 March, 2019

@stephen... Your free trial is most likely old EAP package.

burdogg | 18 March, 2019

dcpatel - to each their own - there were people clamoring they would pay $2,000 for TACC, now those people get autosteer as well for that price...yet you feel it is useless at that price :)

You must change lanes....a lot - must be one of those drivers :)

burdogg | 18 March, 2019

Also - can I just say - how is dropping the price for Autopilot from $5,000 to $3,000 and on top of that...Giving YOU a discount to purchase it for only $2,000 being...GREEDY?? Really curious in your thinking here....Also how is dropping the price on all their cars....considered Greedy... In the words of Inigo Montoya...I don't think that word means what you think it means.

holdthataway | 18 March, 2019

I feel very fortunate to have been able to upgrade to AP for $2k. If you’re in TACC, lane changes wouldn’t do any good anyways. Maybe they’ll add it in, but I can’t complain. I knew what I was getting at a minimum when I paid Tesla $2k. Just got it activated on my car today (purchased on Friday), so will test it all out tonight :)

ssewell | 18 March, 2019

I really wish Tesla would address this. Their official PDF Manual for the Model 3 is out-of-date and the marketing materials used during the buying process “hand wave” over the finer nuances of AP. There should be official documentation that explicitly states Autopilot gives you Traffic Aware Cruise Control and Autosteer, but does *not* include Auto Lane Change (I.e. initiated by the user). Further exacerbating this, numerous media outlets are reporting conflicting versions of what AP actually includes.

ajbutler45 | 18 March, 2019

@dcpatel I paid $5,000 for my EAP, FSD for $3,000 and am happy with the purchase and use NOA whenever I can. From an economic stand point I think AP for $2,000 is a much better deal. It gives you the more developed features for a good price. I use auto lane change but in heavy traffic it just can't do the changes yet, perhaps in a few months it will be better. Have you purchased FSD? Or are you going to wait until those features are better developed?

burdogg | 18 March, 2019

@ssewell - not sure what you mean. Sure the manual is outdated right this minute...but you didn't go read the manual before you purchased it. But right there where it was available to purchase it said this:

Enables your car to steer, accelerate and brake automatically for other vehicles and pedestrians within its lane.

WITHIN ITS LANE. Where in that purchase does it ever state a thing about lane change? Yet if you read the other option to buy - FSD - it clearly states Auto lane Change there.

This is simple reading comprehension... It is pretty straight forward when you read the two options...We don't need them to state - Autopilot does NOT include Auto Lane Change...Summons...Navigate on Autopilot. It won't stop at stop signs, stop lights...etc.... etc... - we could make them list EVERY thing that FSD does and say Autopilot DOESN'T do that....we could expect them to do that....but why?

ssewell | 18 March, 2019

@burdogg - Actually, I’ve read the manual cover to-cover at least three times. (I’m used to reading technical manuals in my line of work so this isn’t out of the ordinary for me.) I haven’t made a purchase... yet ;-)

The problem with the current manual, it makes several statements that are in conflict with the actual state of AP and FSD (current impelementation), which is causing confusion for many users, hence some of the questions.

Directly from the manual (pg 73): “If you have purchased the optional Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability packages, you can use Autosteer to manage steering and speed under certain circumstances.” in reality, Autosteer *is* included without needinttg EAP nor FSD. It’s included with AP.

That same section then instructs the user how to initiate a lane change in the “Operating Auto Lane Change” section (pg 75).

So the user is told they require something (EAP or FSD) to use feature A and B (Autosteer and Auto Lane Change), but the former is incorrect and latter, correct.

From past experiences, I’ve come to trust manuals, which can usually held to more accountability, than marketing materials.

A simple solution would be provide a matrix that shows which specific features are included in each package:
* Traffic Aware Cruise Control
* Autosteer
* etc

This is only created more confusion for people who have some prior knowledge of the features, such as Summon being reclassified from “pull out of your garage” to “find you in a parking lot” and people have an expectation that the original one is still available with the first add-on option (now AP in this case) and go digging into the manuals in an attempt to clarify the details.

burdogg | 18 March, 2019

Good point :)

They just need to update the manual - its lagging...

It would be nice to have just a simple bullet point, maybe cleaner.

Who knows when they get around to it...but I would bet they do get the manual updated - but in the meantime we are stuck with the actual purchase information to go on.

For me, when the changes first happened - while though it did not say auto lane change was part of it - I did hope that it would as my AP 1.0 car has it and thought it would be very similar. But I fully recognize that I was hoping for it even though I noticed it did not include it in the purchase statement.

I guess I am just really surprised though that those that paid only $2,000 for these features find them useless since they didn't get lane change :)

ssewell | 18 March, 2019

100% agree! Honestly, if I looked at the current Tesla 3 purchasing page without any prior knowledge, I would have never assumed that AP included lane changes. It’s the fact that I’ve closely followed previous Tesla SW releases and my stupid over-attention to detail in the (currently outdated) manual that is my downfall.

I think that even at $3k the current AP seems like a great value and it would get significantly more use on a daily basis than Navigate on Autopilot (via FSD).

burdogg | 18 March, 2019

@ssewell - I agree :)

I think Tesla knew this - as when they first came out with autopilot it was only $2500 and then they raised it to $3,000. When they split with Mobileye and took it all on in house....they had to up the price. In order to justify the $2,000 price increase, they had to add more to it - which to me where kind of silly for $2,000 more (original autopilot had summon and lane change). The only 3 things added for $2,000 more were:
Change lanes without any input from driver.
Navigate from one freeway to another with no driver input
As approach exit - would get in correct lane and then take exit without any driver input.

That was it and Tesla justified the now $5,000 price tag.

I think now that they have gotten this much further down the road (over 2 years now) they feel they are closer to FSD AND they realize that for most people, even just $5,000 is too much. So they had to revert back to a more affordable solution...thus we now have AP at $3,000 - but no lane change or summon - have to keep something higher up to get others that can to jump into the FSD pool :)

Fredvanngo | 20 March, 2019

May be Tesla will add /include the auto lane change to the AP when the Auto steer is no longer Beta!

alphacompton | 20 March, 2019

I think autolane change should come with regular autopilot. It's highway driving assistance and not really FSD in the way that Summon and Navigate on Autopilot make decisions for you.
Also the manual from last week still states that autolane change is included with Autopilot.

Fredvanngo | 21 March, 2019

Agree and make senses that auto lane change should come with regular autopilot...

charles.a.braun | 21 March, 2019

Anything that is part of AP1, should be be part of basic AP today.

Patrick | 22 March, 2019

Are there really two different versions of EAP now with different feature sets? Nothing has changed in our 2018 3D - it still does lane changes, NoA, etc.

amysaflekos | 22 March, 2019

While the verbiage on the site makes it looks like it won’t do lane change, when you click on “learn more,” about autopilot it’s lists lane change, summon, auto park etc.

EVRider | 22 March, 2019

I don’t know why people are still debating this. Both Tesla ( and many users who purchased the new AP have confirmed that auto lane change is no longer included. Wishful thinking doesn’t change the facts.

The owner’s manuals and some of the online documentation have not yet been updated to reflect this change.

If you already purchased EAP (or AP1), then this change doesn’t impact you — you have the same functionality you had before.

EricMad | 27 March, 2019

I do confirm as well. Got my M3 since 2 days and Lane change is not included. I had also the confirmation from Service center Geneva.
For information, I called the commercial line and the guy told me; Yes you have the Auto Lane-change if you have the autopilot first option.
They are lost. So many confusion...