Sentry Mode to the Rescue

Sentry Mode to the Rescue

For all of you who did not see this already:
Construction going on across the street from where I parked. Got a alert Sentry alarm was trigged so when I came home I found a nice dent on the rear quarter panel. Sentry mode to the rescue. Truck driver and whole construction crew initially denied it was them. I told them I have you on video and then they all started singing like canary’s pointing fingers at each other. Without the sentry mode I would have been paying for this out of my own pocket.
UPDATE: I had contacted construction company owner and after sending him the sentry mode video he agreed to and paid for all damages ($6700). Thank you Elon for this great new update & keem them coming.

EVTomorrow | 15 April, 2019

glad to know that. so for sentry mode, the cameras will record all the time or just when an impact is detected?

Kary993 | 15 April, 2019

I use the Stats app to automatically turn on sentry mode except in certain locations because I will forget to manually turn it on. From the footage I have looked at for Sentry mode, it appears to be ready always and records things when it sees any movement near the car. I am not sure but that is what I see on my SSD drive.

darrelk | 15 April, 2019

Thanks for the update. Word should get out soon not to damage a Tesla.

M3phan | 15 April, 2019

Love this feature. Set it every time I park away from home.

rdavis | 15 April, 2019

Sad that it happened... excited that the sentry really proved it's worth.

Darrelly | 15 April, 2019

@m3phan - I used to also but the memory fills up so quickly. Do you have that issue?

jimglas | 15 April, 2019

you just reminded me to turn sentry mode on …….

ILoveMyModel3 | 15 April, 2019

I love Tesla!!

Mikael13 | 15 April, 2019

Goldie - sucks that happened and you had to deal with those bunch of liars. But glad to hear Sentry worked and you’ll be properly compensated.

Sentry mode - one FREE update/addition which was not originally part of my M3 purchase. Thank goodness! Now I just hope that, if ever that happened to my car, the repeaters do not get corrupted.

+Kary993 - I do the same with my Stats app. No need to activate/deactivate manually!

82bert | 15 April, 2019

@Darrely. I’d recommend a 256gb usb. I have the one linked below and never have any issues. I occasionally pull them and delete old sentry videos just in case, but I’ve still never run out of memory.

M3phan | 15 April, 2019

@Darrelly: I use a 114 GB thumbnail stick. Can go a real long time before needing to erase files (looking forward to an improvement here where files can be overwritten).

gwolnik | 15 April, 2019

I had a car back into me just one week after getting the update with sentry mode! I was driving at the time, so it was't in sentry mode at the time, but that update enabled the side cameras, which captured the accident. I was waiting for a parking space when a van backed into me while I was not even moving. The driver apologized and admitted not looking. When I got home, I pulled the flash drive and found the video, it was a perfect recording! I uploaded it to You Tube and called the van driver's insurance company. I got a hold of a claims agent who asked me to describe what happened, which I did. Then I said, by the way, I got a video of it and uploaded it to You Tube. I gave the agent the video address and he watched the one minute clip, then he said that the video refutes the version that the owner gave! Apparently, I was accused of speeding through the parking lot, cutting them off. My video showed me not moving for 20 seconds before the collision. It showed the van and its license plate as it slowly backed into me, my car lurching, the van pulling back into its parking spot, the driver's door opening, the driver stepping out then walking over to me. Lip readers would even be able to see the apology and admission of fault! So, the agent assigned 100% fault to their client and I didn't have to pay anything for the $4000 in repairs to the left rear door and frame. So where is this amazing video? I'm still waiting for my nephew, who recently graduated from film school, to edit out the license plate and face of the driver so I can make it public! I did share the link with Tesla and at the time they said it was the first recording of side accident they knew of and they liked it, but they asked me to get it edited before they would use it. I can do simple edits using iMovie, but apparently I would need to purchase more sophisticated software to blur out an area that moves.

If anyone would like to edit my video so I can make it pubic, contact me privately, my email is my screen name at yahoo dot com.

Carl Thompson | 15 April, 2019


Why edit out the face and license plate? I don't believe you'd be breaking any laws by posting a video showing an accident in a parking lot. There's no right to privacy in that situation.

gmr6415 | 16 April, 2019

@Goldie, Out of curiosity how far before the impact/triggering sentry mode did sentry mode save video files? I've read differing times here. One person stated it saved cached video back 9 minutes prior to sentry mode being fully triggered.

Goldie | 16 April, 2019

sentry videos are created and stored in a separate file that are not overridden like the dash cam videos.

gwolnik | 16 April, 2019

@Carl Thompson
I agree that it is legal to record anyone in a public place, but if I had done something stupid like that driver, I would appreciate not being humiliated on the internet as a result. Also, the guy I spoke to at Tesla told me specifically that I needed to provide an edited video or else they could not accept it. I'll reach out to my nephew again, but you know how these millennials are!

TAC | 16 April, 2019

already a victim of 2 separate door ding incidents.. has not happened yet since sentry mode came out.. people are oblivious lately.

Carl Thompson | 16 April, 2019


Some people may like the idea of dinging a Tesla.

M3phan | 16 April, 2019

Parking lots are the worst. The absolute worst. Never worried about them till I got Teslarossa last summer. Now, I park far away. Getting my steps in, I guess. ; ) Thankful for sentry mode.

CASEMAN | 16 April, 2019

@Goldie - Sorry that happened but thank goodness for Sentry mode!

What the heck happened to the guy that was guiding the driver?! Did he step back for a smoke?

ST70 | 16 April, 2019

@gwolnik- what? They tried to deny it...public shame is the best.....well...a proper ass kicking would be better!

johnw | 17 April, 2019

$6700 for just the rear quarter panel? That seems like a lot?

ODWms | 18 April, 2019

In fairness, it is a lot more work than, say, the front fender that you can just unbolt and replace. Having stated the obvious, yes, it is still high.

amylin0105tw6 | 23 June, 2019

Sentry Mode does not overwrite, i got hit and run at parking lot. just coz the memory was full the day before i got hit (got hit on May 28, memory was full on May 27) nothing was captured. i was so dispointed, need to pay $1700 to fix my car. Now i need to buy at least 500 gb ... its so dumb....

Bbey24 | 23 June, 2019

For all those getting insurance recoveries, make sure to ask for additional money to cover degradation of value. You'll no longer have a clean CarFax report and thar definitely impacts resale value

billz1fan | 23 June, 2019

can someone help me to find where and how to set up my PNY 512G 3.1 USB to use the sentry mode ty

billlake2000 | 23 June, 2019

Search the forum. Easy peasy.