Just Picked up 75 more miles at full charge?! 2018 S100D

Just Picked up 75 more miles at full charge?! 2018 S100D

About the time of the latest software update (2019.12 cb68c3d) my 100D went from 301 miles on a full charge, to 375 miles! I checked that it isn't on range mode, and doesn't show a charge into the range area of the battery. I have charged it several evenings, and it always tops up to 375 miles now. I've rebooted, and deep rebooted, but still 375 miles.

While I love the extra miles, I don't trust that they are "real". The service people could see my charge, but wonder if that's correct too. Anyone else see this happen?

NKYTA | 17 April, 2019

Rated vs Ideal?
Miles vs Km?

matt | 17 April, 2019

I'll check, but 301 miles is 482km. I lost a lot of charge miles if that were true.

Bighorn | 17 April, 2019

Weird. No further thoughts. You answered the rated vs ideal already and kms is way off.

Bighorn | 17 April, 2019

You did mean ideal miles when you said range? That's the only possible explanation that I'm aware of.

reed_lewis | 17 April, 2019

You have to have the meter set for ideal miles. That is the only explanation.

p.c.mcavoy | 18 April, 2019

My money in also on the car now being on ideal miles. The ratio is right at what I've always observed on my 2016 MS90D. Rated miles = Ideal miles * 80%, or if you like doing the inverse relationship, Ideal = 1.25* rated. Numbers provided fit match using that relationship.

Goose | 18 April, 2019

It’s a software algorithm glitch introduced with the firmware upgrade.

I unplugged my 2017 S 90D last week and left the car for about 20 minutes after a 90% charge (255 RM). It began showing increased range AFTER being unplugged!
I watched it slowly increase it’s range to 266 ,lies and took it for a drive to bleed off the range. I called Tesla and they were fascinated and sent the data to an engineer.

Last night I got a call back from the engineer in Fremont who explained the algorithm glitch. They are aware of it and they’re working to fix it.

btw- the increased miles were not really there ... just being displayed in error

Also, the error occurred while on 2019.8.4 ... now I’m on 8.5 and have not had another issue.

reed_lewis | 18 April, 2019

Maybe the car thinks that you will be a lot of downhill driving? :)

EVRider | 18 April, 2019

Isn’t the S100D supposed to get 335 rated miles on a full charge? Trying to understand how you were getting 301 miles before. My 2018 S100D gets more than that.

Goose | 18 April, 2019

@reed ... it could also be the windmill I installed so I can enjoy continuous driving. :-)

reed_lewis | 18 April, 2019

@Goose - Ahh yes. And the second battery into which the power generated by the windmill can go.

barrykmd | 18 April, 2019

reed_lewis | April 18, 2019
Maybe the car thinks that you will be a lot of downhill driving? :)

Just put larger diameter tires on the back to go down hill all the time...