two cents

two cents

I'm 4 months and ~3,200 Miles - ~5,000KM new to my Model X. Just some feedback.

Up until the last few weeks, most of my driving has been at relatively low temperatures. Below or around 60F, 16C, and around two months below or near freezing. I've noticed the expected difference in regenerative braking and I'm getting better at judging braking distances now with warmer temps. I only mention to highlight my lack of a experience with various conditions. So...

- In snow it's fantastic. But a month and a half after the latest snow, I drove to a place I had not been to and the suspension began to rise based on memory. I appreciate the need to raise per location, and the ability to save those parameters. For sever weather conditions, where you temporarily need to just keep things raised, and alternative needs to be allowed. I've set up the parameters correctly, but while driving, it was unsafe and difficult to not save a suspension height adjustment. The SW need to be more elegant if you're driving.

- It's all about energy. I don't need the A/C turned on when heating automatically or maintaining temperature. I live in a dry climate where this is not needed. It should be optional for automatic heating.

- Separate the external temperature from the battery percentage in the instrument panel. Put one or the other next to the clock.

- Beta Wipers - Not ready for freezing rain or snow. Otherwise really happy with above-freezing slow drizzle. They worked well.