Acceptance checklist

Acceptance checklist

I will be accepting my new X in approximately one week. What are the details I might be aware of to look closely at before signing off? It's hard to search this forum. Where can I go to find this information?

jimglas | 28 April, 2019

what have you done in the past when you bought a new car?
Do the same, you just wont waste a day at the dealer

Luisito | 28 April, 2019

@NoMoIce - Congrats! Here’s a useful link with an acceptance list for Tesla’s.

Let us know your experience. Also, if you ordered autopilot with FSD, check to see that you have HW3 and any of the refreshes announced for the X. My P100D is still waiting to be built and I ordered on the 19th of March. I’m hoping since it’s still scheduled to be built that it includes the refreshes. Would make up for the long waiting game...