Dog mode

Dog mode

I waited almost 2 years for my model x received it in June 2016 ; the main reason I purchased it was for my dog Marco so we could take him with us even when we might have to leave him in the car for short periods of time . my question is why does the model 3 have a pet mode and I'm still waiting after 3 years ? With over the air updates why don't I have it now?

mathwhiz | 30 April, 2019

Dog Mode was introduced in Feb 2019, just a couple months ago. Tesla then proceeded to roll it out to the fleet - to many thousands of cars... The only thing Dog Mode does is try to avoid "The Office" scenario. :-) It doesn't stop you from running the climate system to your liking while your doggie sits and waits.. So, not sure what you're complaining about?

If it's simply about having to wait for software updates, I'd suggest patience. Software updates are rolled out as they are to keep the code base stable.

sonnynoto | 30 April, 2019

Since you asked the answer is it would be nice not to have to carry a laminated notice to display in the window when it can be displayed on my BIG 17 inch screen at a touch of a button . Thanks for your input any way; I know how the phone app works.