Improved 90 kWh battery charging

Improved 90 kWh battery charging

I received the 2019.12.11 update yesterday and when I supercharged today it seemed to be at a higher rate. I have 30k miles on the car and typically the max charge rate is in the neighborhood of 102 - 106 kw with the battery at around 20% SOC and around 60 degrees outside temperature. Usually the battery is “warmed up” but I don’t know it’s exact temperature. Anyway tonight I arrived at the SC with ~15% SOC after 50 miles of highway driving and 59 degrees outside. The charge rate settled in at around 100kw and then jumped up to 119 kw with a 30% SOC. From that point until a bit over 50% SOC the kw + soc added up to 150. Is this related to the SC charging increase that’s been mentioned

Bighorn | 1 May, 2019

It was the FW update that allowed the car to charge faster.

jbdvm1988 | 2 May, 2019

I was pleasantly surprised since the 90kwh battery is rumored to be more susceptible to degradation and has been throttled if “excessive” number of DC charging events happen. I assumed the 90 packs wouldn’t be participating in this most recent update

bruntonma | 14 August, 2019

I don't know what the definition of "excessive" is, but most of my driving and charging in my S90D have been on a NEMA 14-50 connection - 40 amps at 240 volts.I have made several trips up and down the east coast from New Jersey to Charleston SC, and a couple of trips out west using supercharging.
Roughly a couple years ago suddewnly my rate of charge diminished significantly - that was when the throttling of the charge rate first became known. My charge time increased at each stop by 20-25%. I was not happy about that, and it seems to have gotten worse over time
Now it takes 30-45% longer to charge than it used to, because of the draconian taper that has been introduced for the flawed 90 kwh battery. My maximum rate of charge also appears to be about 95 kw, which tapers down into the 60-70 kw range when the battery is still at only about 50-55% charged. By the time I reach 90%, I'm lucky to be getting a charge rate in the 40 kw range.
There has been NO improvement from any updates so far. In July when I took my second trip out west (to Wyoming from NJ), I spent nearly an hour at many superchargers. Fully ONE THIRD of my time on the road was spent charging!
IMO Tesla has degraded the charging rate for their insufficiently-tested 90 kw battery to the point that it is almost unsuitable for long distance travel.

Silver2K | 14 August, 2019

I have not seen any difference with my charge rate on my P90D.

I have not seen anything over 94kW and I'm on the latest Firmware. | 14 August, 2019

@bruntonma - Can't answer to all your data points, but I'm not aware of any cars getting 40 kW at 90% charge. The Model 3 gets about 20 kW, and the S 90 and 100 packs get around 30 kW. This is from last year too. Here's those taper charts:

yanyan | 14 August, 2019

My S P85D maxed out at 130 kW on a recent trip to DC!

Qwiksilver | 14 August, 2019

You are not alone in your frustration with the throttling imposes on owners by Tesla.
My recent supercharging rate was 65kW.
Took forever to charge. Won’t consider long trips in my Tesla now. Was never like this before. Very disappointing.

Qwiksilver | 14 August, 2019


rxlawdude | 14 August, 2019

"I have not seen anything over 94kW and I'm on the latest Firmware."

Either you Supercharge when your SOC is like 30%, or there's something wrong. I haven't tested it in the past couple of months, but our S70D was typically getting 120kW charge rates when SOC was < 10%. I guess it's time for a trip to the SpC.

Silver2K | 14 August, 2019

Rx, I have the extra silicon in the anode pack. They were throttled long ago to 94kW max, but the drop off is further down the line to make up for the throttle

rxlawdude | 14 August, 2019

Extra silicon. Pain in the glass.

bruntonma | 18 August, 2019, that was a typo on my part. I get under 30kw at 90% - actually closer to 20.
I just finished another trip, this time from NJ to southwestern VA - just over 1000 miles round trip. More and more bugs are making themselves known, primarily in navigation and battery soc estimates at next charge location. But I won't go into those here.
I peaked at 95 kw once while charging. Otherwise it was less than that.
Can anyone tell me if that lawsuit that is getting so much attention (the one about reduced capacity and charge rate) include those with the 90 kw battery, or is only for those who got the big range hit (which is one thing that DIDN'T happen to me)?

Goose | 18 August, 2019

My March 2017 MS 90D gets 132-138kW charges at Superchargers at 20% SOC ... but only for a few minutes and then it tapers. Still - I’m happy with the increased capabilities.

@lawdude ... LOL