2019.12.1.2 lost autopilot trial

2019.12.1.2 lost autopilot trial

Just got in my car today, a few days ago I updated to 2019.12.1.2 and just realized my autopilot trial with 20 days left is now gone. Anyone else experience this issue?

Black screen on camera is worse than ever also.

TM34DWife | 6 May, 2019

Yes I lost mine this morning too but I rarely use it except for summon.

AWDTesla | 6 May, 2019

Never could get summon to work consistently in my free trial.

Brunoranger | 6 May, 2019

Am I supposed to call Tesla to get this trial reinstated?

AWDTesla | 6 May, 2019

Yes, send them an email through your app.

kc4129 | 6 May, 2019

I got a 14 day Autopilot trial after installing 2019.12.1.2. Black screen on camera has been fixed after this update.

AWDTesla | 6 May, 2019

I got the 14 day trial also.

Still not quite worth the money they are asking for, especially since i couldn't get Summons to work 90% of the time.

Waiting until AP is a free OTA update.

It will come.

RWD ☰ | 6 May, 2019

I lost my AP trial as well with ~20 days remaining. What was also weird was my normal Cruise Control was not available either.

Thehowie | 6 May, 2019

I presume FSD never was offered as a trial, since there were no features. But now that it has features, why doesn't tesla offer this? It would seem to be one of the easiest ways to raise $500 million dollars (which appears sorely needed), particularly, if they really believe in the product.

EVRider | 6 May, 2019

What AP features do you get in the trial? The new basic AP is only TACC and Autosteer (without Auto Lane Change), but the first two replies mentioned Summon. The only variation of AP that includes Summon is EAP, but you can't get that anymore.

RWD ☰ | 6 May, 2019

The AP trial that I was on before 2019.12.1.2 had most of the FSD features including Navigate on AP, Limited forward/reverse Summons, and Auto Lane Change. Probably more that I just cannot remember at the moment.

EVRider | 6 May, 2019

@brianwdavis: Was it presented as an FSD trial or just AP? As of now, EAP and FSD have the same features, only basic AP has less. It would be bad to offer an AP trial that included features you wouldn't get if you actually bought AP. :-)

RWD ☰ | 6 May, 2019

@EVRider Pretty sure it was presented as Enhanced AP trial when it started a little over 2 months ago which makes sense since it was before they changed everything. I sent an email to customer service, Ill update when they reply. My guess is they will send me a 14 day FSD trial to make up for removing my other trial prematurely.

gmr6415 | 6 May, 2019

@EVRider, I got a 14 day trial, and it was presented as FSD.

emailfrancis | 7 May, 2019

Lost the free trial after the update as well. I have a SC appointment tomorrow for a different reason, so I can’t contact via app.

But the AP was great! I was in bumper to bumper traffic and used AP to autosteer and cruise control. The M3 would literally keep distance down to 0 mph and theme move when the car ahead moves. Saves the foot action.

Will ask for the reinstatement of the trial. Fingers crossed.

ShaunyD | 7 May, 2019

Lost the free trial too. After 12.1.2. I had to learn how to drive again. No response from tesla yet

balbamrah | 7 May, 2019

I lost free trail as well after 12.1.2

balbamrah | 9 May, 2019

I just use the chat feature on Tesla website about this. She told me that due to FSD Price upgrade on the website they have to pull this back. But, they are working to send another trail in the coming days.

drewjones | 12 May, 2019

I too had lost my trial with 21 days left. I really wish this had not happened.

wiscy67 | 12 May, 2019

I noticed a couple days ago and after updating car with 12.1.2 that my 60-day AP/FSD trial ended with 20+ days remaining. I thought perhaps it was because I had stopped trying the features and instead have been enjoying driving my car.

edhchoe | 12 May, 2019

Now the autopilot is included, I wish they would just for it to me for free

ShaunyD | 13 May, 2019


Thanks for the info. I also lost TACC when the free trial was cancelled. I thought TACC was standard on all HW2.5 vehicles. I could be wrong.

javierbuitrago2 | 13 May, 2019

I too lost the trial with 20 days remaining. I was using it a lot to show friends and they loved it. But now is gone.

sergei3 | 14 May, 2019

count me in, couple a days after upgrade trial was still on and just checked that it was 21 days left on Sunday. Monday morning all gone.