Post April 23rd announcement VIN

Post April 23rd announcement VIN

Has anyone that placed an order after the April 23rd Tesla Blog announcement received their VIN # yet? The order page still says "May" delivery but I haven't gotten any updates to my order page re: VIN or Production or Delivery or anything.

jeremyinthebay | 27 May, 2019

Never mind, I see you posted earlier config (same as mine except it doesn’t appear you went for ludicrous mode). I’m in California and had hoped to get a vin today with short delivery... :/

Tropopause | 27 May, 2019

Hope these ravens get delivered prior to Q2 end. Would really help Tesla's bottom line.

smithst | 27 May, 2019


I actually did get Ludicrous (free upgrade) and just forgot to include it in the earlier post. Full details:

4/29 order date
PDL specs
Midnight Silver
19” wheels
Black interior with carbon fiber trim (did it special order, before the option went “live” - the sale guy brought it up, knowing my 2013 P85, and said he could do it as a special order. That was cool!).

Also asked for and received the price reduction.

I’m in Philly. I guess that explains the extra time from VIN to delivery.

Based on this thread, I do feel a bit lucky!

jeremyinthebay | 27 May, 2019

Congrats! Other than 21” wheels and different black interiors (no carbon fiber available when I did it, even with advisor asking, so I’ve got the ash wood :/). Gives me hope I’ll get a delivery date soon!

jeremyinthebay | 27 May, 2019

I meant exact same other than wheels and interior...

rdalcanto | 28 May, 2019

Smithst - Interesting info. I had carbon fiber on my Model S, and asked for it special order when I ordered my 6th Tesla at the end of April. They told me it wasn't possible. Thanks to your post, I checked the website and confirmed that it is a standard option now. I called Tesla sales in Salt Lake and had to leave a message and send an email asking them to change my order to the carbon fiber that I requested back in April. Hopefully they fix it. The level of incompetence at my Tesla store is upsetting. I was told May delivery, and sold my car the weekend I ordered it. If it is going to be another month wait, heads will roll....

jeremyinthebay | 28 May, 2019

I was told the same the regarding carbon fiber when I ordered mine, then discovered it is available now, but was told it would delay my order at least 2 weeks. I also was on the verge of selling my car when I placed the order, but was warned Tesla is really bad about delivery timelines so I held off (thankfully)...

Jimdow | 29 May, 2019

Placed my order for a P100DL on 4/25. At the time there was no carbon fiber option. I ordered the white interior.
Yesterday, I checked my reservation status and there was still no VIN but my order had been changed to a black interior. I used the edit my design feature on the website and changed to the white interior with carbon fiber.
It seems to be the correct configuration now. Don’t know if it changed my delivery date because I never had a delivery date assigned.
I suggest that all reservation holders constantly check their configuration for accuracy.
One more piece of advice. I could not edit and save my design on my IPad or IPhone. Had to make the changes on my MacBook

cloudphytr | 29 May, 2019

Received an email from my delivery specialist today. Have been assigned a VIN # with a "tentative" delivery date of June 8th. But, later received a text to schedule a home delivery on June 11th.

My build: Ordered May 4th. Jacksonville, Florida
Midnight Silver Metallic
Black interior
P100DL (Model S Performance with Ludicrous)
19 inch carbon wheels

Boonedocks | 29 May, 2019

@cloudphytr That is awesome news. You may be one of the first few to get a P100D+L on the west coast. I ordered the same config except Black Exterior on 4/29 and haven't heard anything yet but your email seems very encouraging that we may see some S's show up soon on our side of the country.

lalar3 | 29 May, 2019

Ordered 5/2
Model S Performance (non-L)
19" slipstream
White/Black Interior

Delivery scheduled 6/6 (earliest date available)
Location: PHX

hope this helps

jeremyinthebay | 29 May, 2019

Indeed good news, exact same config as mine except for the wheels. Hopefully being in the Bay Area I’ll get mine soon...

jagjit_naushehrvi | 29 May, 2019

Since I can't create new topic,I will just ask this question as it relates to March/April 2019 announcement by Tesla.

I am in market for buying 2018 Model S car.
Tesla announced that it will make Autopilot(adap cruise, lane keep, steering? capability) a standard on all cars in production.
My question is will owners of 2017 Model S, who did not buy Autopilot when they bought cars in 2017, get this Autopilot turned on for free now? or will they have to buy Autopilot?
In other words will this standard Autopilot(limited capability) be turned on all older cars that have appropriate hardware to handle it?
all replies, thanks in advance.

jagjit_naushehrvi | 29 May, 2019

^^ I meant I am in market for buying 2017 Model S

scott.kaufmann | 29 May, 2019

Just received VIN and notice to schedule pickup of our P100D tomorrow or Friday.

Ordered 5/14 - San Diego.

Model S Performance (not L)
Red Multi-Coat
21" Sonic Carbon Twin Turbine Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior

jeremyinthebay | 29 May, 2019

And just like that, I’m one of the lucky ones!

San Francisco Bay Area
Ordered 5/4
Notified of Delivery on 5/29
Delivery Scheduled for 5/31
Model S P100D
Midnight Silver Metallic (Grey)
Dark Interior (with wood)
21” Wheels
Full Self Driving

ebirckelbaw | 29 May, 2019

Annapolis MD area,

P100DL, midnight silver, 19" silver slipstreams (replacing with black arachnids on delivery), cream interior, and FSD.

Ordered 4/30 (originally ordered 4/24 then canceled and replaced to get additional supercharging / raffle tickets), still radio silence from Tesla (no VIN, delivery date, purchase agreement, or delivery specialist... I contacted my service center and they seem to think everything is fine and in progress despite not even giving a specialist to talk to).

Tropopause | 29 May, 2019

Congrats to all who are receiving their Ravens!

waterT | 29 May, 2019

Order Placed 5/18 (after deciding not to take an inventory car we originally ordered even though it was cheaper)

Notified 5/29 of Tentative Delivery 6/12 Dedham, MA

Model S Long Range
Pearl White Multi-Coat
19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor
Full Self-Driving Capability

First Tesla after a long time looking!

chris.wanja | 29 May, 2019

@waterT, you are very lucky! I have been monitoring this thread since ordering on 5/16 and am in super limbo (to me). Accepted my trade in offer (was told to via sales) and then told this week it would be 2 - 5 weeks for a VIN. Still not clear if that is 2 - 5 weeks from date of order, or email (from delivery advisor).

Order - 5/16 6PM CST
Model S Long Range
Solid Black
19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor
Full Self-Driving Capability
VIN provided - TBD
Scheduled delivery - TBD

jeremyinthebay | 29 May, 2019

One thing seems clear from all of the forum posts (here,, Facebook, etc): the process of updating on when it’s in production has vanished. It seems like you go from order confirmed to delivery date and vin with nothing in between.

rdalcanto | 29 May, 2019

Ordered P100DL 4/26. Got message today for delivery next Tuesday. But to get carbon fiber decor, I had to cancel that order and place new one today. Was promised June delivery on new order....

Boonedocks | 29 May, 2019

“jeremyinthebay | May 29, 2019
One thing seems clear from all of the forum posts (here,, Facebook, etc): the process of updating on when it’s in production has vanished. It seems like you go from order confirmed to delivery date and vin with nothing in between.”

Nothing but 30+ days in between now. Ordered late April with a May delivery and being told by my Tesla specialist it’ll be mid June to HEAR something!!!

Tropopause | 30 May, 2019


Jimdow | 30 May, 2019

Just received my VIN # via a text from the Tesla Delivery person in Miami. ETA is two weeks.
I ordered on 4/25 so about 7 weeks from order to anticipated delivery for my performance Model S with Ludicrous.
I also own a Model 3 Performance and I have to say that I prefer the Model S display and dashboard over the single horizontal display of the Model 3. | 30 May, 2019

Any of you who ordered performance version: Does it still come with red calipers? Rear spoiler? I placed an order several days ago; hoping for the red calipers, don't care for the spoiler. Thanks.

Boonedocks | 30 May, 2019

@jimdow did your Tesla page change to “make a payment”? Mine just did this afternoon tho I haven’t heard a word from anyone about deliver

rdalcanto | 30 May, 2019

I had a text telling me delivery would be Saturday on my April reservation, but when I went to that reservation on my Tesla page, there was no request for final payment. However, on the new reservation I placed last night to get carbon fiber interior, it is already asking me for final payment. Weird....

Jimdow | 31 May, 2019

Although I I did get a text with a VIN# and expected delivery date of about June 14th my Tesla page has not changed. It still just shows a reservation number... no VIN#.
No request for payment either.

ebirckelbaw | 31 May, 2019 My sales contact confirmed when I ordered it still has the carbon fiber spoiler, but I didn't ask about the red calipers - I just assumed it still has it. They're still offered in their store so it better come with them...

PPower | 31 May, 2019

Performance models still comes with red calipers. You can see a picture of the calipers on a Raven performance model here:

Symco4 | 31 May, 2019

Ordered 4/30, Received VIN May 30 but had wrong interior color. Now back to waiting for a different car. Check to make sure your interior color is correct.

chris.wanja | 31 May, 2019

Are you just asking delivery if the build is correct @symco4? Where are you able to check the VIN against options? Been searching since I got a VIN!

waterT | 31 May, 2019

@Jimdow we also have a delivery appointment and like you our My Tesla page still shows the RN #, not a VIN#

Funny how many different permutations there are on status updates!

heartbeat | 31 May, 2019

I ordered on May 2 black and white interior with ebony decor. My order was correct but then the detail was changed by Tesla to black interior recently. I notified my Tesla advisor and said I would like the new carbon fiber decor but not if it caused a delay and would not accept black interior. Received e-mail today black and white interior and carbon fiber decor but now my order date is May 31. However, he indicated delivery would be within a week after a matching configuration rolls off the assembly line. Apparently, they are made in batches and not to order.

Symco4 | 3 June, 2019

I ordered 4/30 but the VIN had black interior and I ordered white. I complained and now they changed my order date to 6/1 so it looks like I start all over again.

Boonedocks | 4 June, 2019

Delivery day set for 6/7/19
Ordered 4/24/19
Model SP+L
Black interior
19" Sonic Carbon Wheels

VIN 33039X

Atlanta GA

chris.wanja | 4 June, 2019

My VIN is not far from yours @boonedocks - 3302--

Jimdow | 4 June, 2019

My tesla delivery rep gave me my VIN # (330xxx) about one week ago for my refreshed P+L Model S with 21" wheels and all options. The web page still shows just a RN. Delivery to south Florida is supposed to be in about 10 days but not much news lately

plpham123 | 5 June, 2019

Just got a text for delivery on 6/7. Requested payment 2 days ago with no VIN #. VIN showed up today on web portal. Very abrupt.
Pearl white
carbon fiber whiter interior

Jimdow | 5 June, 2019

@plpham123.... Sounds like the same configuration as my order. Do you have the 21" wheels?
What part of the country will you be taking delivery.

waterT | 5 June, 2019


Order Placed 5/18 (after deciding not to take an inventory car we originally ordered even though it was cheaper)

Notified 5/29 of Tentative Delivery 6/12 Dedham, MA

Model S Long Range
Pearl White Multi-Coat
19" Sonic Carbon Slipstream Wheels
Black and White Premium Interior with Dark Ash Wood Décor
Full Self-Driving Capability

Delivery set for tomorrow 6/6!!!!

Not sure when VIN was posted to site, I had assumed the RN# would be swapped with the VIN once assigned as that's the way the inventory car we originally ordered looked. I didn't notice VIN until I needed it to finalize insurance.

JChun | 5 June, 2019

@waterT, got mine from the same location in Dedham. Enjoy your ride!!! Most fun I've had driving ever.

chris.wanja | 5 June, 2019

@waterT jealous. We have the same build except for black paint. I have delivery setup for 6/14 and badly want it to push up!! Enjoy.

plpham123 | 5 June, 2019

I got 19" silver wheels. I'm more into function and comfort than looks. Have heard the 21" ride harsher. My friend switched from 19" to 21" and had to go back to 19" cause he didn't like the ride. I do like the 21" arachnids wheels though.

plpham123 | 5 June, 2019

Oh man.. I in sick to my work to keep my 6/7 delivery appointment. Mentioned that I was getting car delivered on 6/7 and he said I should call in sick. He just didn't want to know about it...What a cool boss.. We all need bosses like that.

Jimdow | 6 June, 2019

@plpham123... I had a P100D with 21" wheels and they do provide a harsher ride than the 19" wheels. Given that they have a larger contact patch with the road I suspect the car handles a bit better with the 21" wheels but I've never seen or read a comparison test to verify that thesis.
I live in south Florida where there are very few potholes compared with the northern regions of the country. If I lived in a colder region I would definitely go for the 19" wheels

cloudphytr | 6 June, 2019

Received an interesting call from Fremont, Ca. A Tesla rep said, "we see you're going to be taking delivery soon. The VIN # assigned to you, unfortunately has the wrong interior. You ordered black with ash wood, but instead this VIN is black with carbon fiber trim." Then they said I didn't have to accept it, but if I didn't accept it, they would have to locate another vehicle, delaying the delivery. Carbon fiber wasn't an option when I placed my order, but was an option I would have considered. After telling them I would take it with carbon fiber, I asked how they were going to make up for the error and was offered free supercharging for one year. Deal! :-)

p.c.mcavoy | 6 June, 2019

@waterT, or anyone else that has taken delivery of a new long range, non performance, MS with 19" wheels -

Would you mind telling me what brand and specification of tires are being used? I'm curious if part of the lower energy use/higher mileage is maybe a function of a newer rolling resistance tire.

Goodyear was reported early last yearto be developing a new EV tire (I believe they have extensive experience monitoring tires for Tesloop). Bridgestone has now a Turanza QuietTrack tire with an 80K mileage warranty, although it's not stated to be EV specific. Perili has a 'Elect' P Zero tire which is what's supposedly being used on the Jaguar I-Pace.

I probably won't need to replace my current set of for about another 15-16k miles, but curious if Tesla is doing something different on the newest models.

rdalcanto | 6 June, 2019

I got a call today that my VIN has the wrong interior. Not the carbon fiber I ordered. I was supposed to take delivery tomorrow or Monday. I've already paid for the car. They have no idea when I'm getting my car now. NOT HAPPY!!!!