Post April 23rd announcement VIN

Post April 23rd announcement VIN

Has anyone that placed an order after the April 23rd Tesla Blog announcement received their VIN # yet? The order page still says "May" delivery but I haven't gotten any updates to my order page re: VIN or Production or Delivery or anything.

chris.wanja | 7 June, 2019

@p.c.mcavoy I will take delivery next Friday and if there is no update, I will report back on this thread.

rdalcanto | 7 June, 2019

I went by the Tesla store today to talk to my delivery specialist about the confusion with my order, and in the parking lot is the P100DL with carbon fiber config that I ordered. I ask about the car, and was told it was a test drive fleet vehicle. I politely ask why they have that being used for test drives when I'm waiting for my car, which has been paid for, and after the VIN mix up, has no delivery date in site? The test vehicle has only 22 miles on it, and based on the energy graph, has had 3 short test drives. They are able to assign the car to me and deliver it tomorrow if I want it. It doesn't seem like they will discount it, but they will rush the detailing to get it ready for delivery tomorrow night. Unless there is a good reason not to, I'm going to take it. Thoughts?

p.c.mcavoy | 7 June, 2019

@chris.wanja - Thanks. Appreciate it.

MrCoffee | 7 June, 2019

Just got the text that I'll be receiving my Model S P100D next Friday June 14th in Atlanta and the account page was updated with a VIN ending in 331xxx. Ordered April 29th. Can't wait!

rdalcanto: I'd go for it. 22 miles is nothing.

waterT | 8 June, 2019

@p.c.mcavoy, tires appear to be standard Goodyear Eagle Touring, I don't see anything that denotes anything special about them.

Boonedocks | 9 June, 2019
p.c.mcavoy | 9 June, 2019

@waterT - Thanks. Appreciate the confirmation.

PPower | 9 June, 2019

@Boonedocks - Congrats with your new car :-) Can’t wait to get mine. Can you confirm that the Performance models still have the carbon rear spoiler? And what does the front door sills say? (Model S? Dual Motor?)

Hart | 10 June, 2019

Carbon spoiler - yes. Sill "Model S".

PPower | 10 June, 2019

Ok thanks. The front door sills used to say “P100D” so that has also changed with the new Dual Motor badge update.

apanashawathamahai | 12 June, 2019

Waiting to hear from Tesla re FSD cost raised being raised to $6000, despite assurances from Tesla support that it would not happen for North America until May 10th. Took a screenshot of an online chat with Tesla support where they stated this in the chat. Have appealed to get the original $5000 cost for the upgrade vice the $6000 paid. Sent them the screenshot and they're looking into it.India is the largest country in the world. here many people many minds. we are always trying to focus on a very new style and unique design. that is possible from Only handloom sarees & we provide only handloom saree.

Boonedocks | 12 June, 2019

It sure how your MVPA ended up but my FSD went up $1,000 but at the same time my car went from $78k to $75k.

Can’t have it both ways. Either be happy with $78k base car and $5k FSD or $75k base car and $6k FSD

BuckskinPony | 18 June, 2019

Learned that I had a VIN because I had ordered the performance pedals and the enhanced anti-theft. Last week I got an email saying they had shipped my parts and the email had my VIN. I confirmed with my delivery manager that indeed, I do have a VIN. The VIN doesn't show up anywhere on Tesla's site in my account (although it's in the source code). Hoping to get some news on delivery this week. Ordered April 24th, pearl white, 100D. Anyone received a white Raven yet?

james | 18 June, 2019

5/5/19 - p100d gray 21" turbines, black interior w/ wood accents
5/21/19 - canceled due to missing referral code, no carbon fiber option(didn't realize it was wood), and $3k price reduction
5/24/19 - p100d gray 21" turbines, black interior w/ carbon fiber accent
6/4/19 - VIN issued / BIW status - alerted via my OA
6/7/19 - Delivery date set for 6/15/19 - alerted via automated text and Tesla Account
6/14/19 - DELIVERED was able to push up delivery up by a day. Unfortunately, the car came with the wrong interior decor. They will order the carbon fiber decor and have a service tech install it at my home in 2-3 weeks. It was either that or not take delivery but I couldn't wait another second.

Jimdow | 19 June, 2019

I ordered a performance Model S with ludicrous on 4/26. White exterior, white interior with carbon fiber, 21” turbine wheels and FSD.
I’m supposed to pick it up today. Got a call a few days ago that the carbon fiber accent is not in my car. Tesla built it with the dark ash wood instead.
I was offered the opportunity to decline delivery and they would search for a car with the carbon fiber or I could accept the car with the dark ash wood.
I decided to accept the car with the dark ash wood. On my way to pick it up in a few hours.

Jimdow | 19 June, 2019

Just picked up my Model S performance. All went well.
A comparison to my 2016 Model S P100D.
The 2019 Model S definitely provides a smoother ride (suspension on standard setting) and there is less road noise from the tires. Everything just seems a bit tighter. Seat of the pants performance and acceleration seems pretty similar to the P100D. I think someone will have to race the two cars to see if there is a difference.

Tropopause | 19 June, 2019


Congrats on the new P100D. A newish Youtube video showed an owner getting 10.5 second 1/4 mile and supposed 2.3 second 0-60 mph in the new Raven Performance. I would also enjoy seeing the new and old performance/P100D cars head-to-head.

Jimdow | 19 June, 2019

I suspect the Raven p100D is quicker due to more powerful front motor and lower weight due to no sunroof
I like the quieter cabin noise and the improved suspension
At some point I’ll enjoy the longer range and faster supercharging

Jimdow | 19 June, 2019

I suspect the Raven p100D is quicker due to more powerful front motor and lower weight due to no sunroof
I like the quieter cabin noise and the improved suspension
At some point I’ll enjoy the longer range and faster supercharging

Symco4 | 20 June, 2019

Ordered 4/30, White on White, P100DL. Was notified on June 15th it was ready, then received a text that it had mis-alignment issues and would be sent to service. Still in service and I don't know what "mis-alignment" means. No delivery date yet. :(

waterT | 21 June, 2019

Just wanted to post an quick update - first we love the car, really kicking myself for not getting one two years ago when I was car shopping, now I am jealous this is my wifes car!

On Tuesday this week, not quite three weeks into ownership the car died twice on her with a message "Front Motor Problem Performance Degraded", from reading other posts some people with this issue were able to drive a bit after this message but for her the car stopped within 10 seconds - thankfully on a fairly quiet street with a 40MPH speed limit. After a quick google search I told her to get out, close the door and try again. That got her another half mile down the road and into a parking lot right before it died again.

They sent her an uber to get home with our daughter, a tow truck to pick it up and arranged a rental.

We just heard they have ordered a new front wiring harness, and that the motor tested normal. Not ETA on the harness - hoping for next week.

Disappointing for sure but cant wait to get it back! Worst part is it was due to get ceramic coating and expel wrap next week, had to book three weeks out for that appointment and now have to cancel it!

cloudphytr | 21 June, 2019

I experienced a similar problem on my 2017 model S about a year ago. It took service about a month to diagnose the problem. They changed the rear motor, had the battery completely out, and eventually identifying the rear wiring harness as the problem. After that was replaced, had no further problems. Sold the car late last month and bought a Raven performance model S. Good luck. Hope the wiring harness fixes everything for you as it did for me.

heartbeat | 22 June, 2019

Ordered May 2nd Performance Raven, red with black and white interior, Tesla reordered two weeks later because the interior was now listed as black. Tesla called last Wednesday and was told to pickup Friday (yesterday). Unfortunately, I have not sold my 2014 P85DL so I will have to cancel tomorrow. | 23 June, 2019

Ordered Performance Raven (white with cream interior) with Ludi May 25th; sold my 2014 P85DL June 1. Picking up car this Friday northern Virginia. VIN 331xxx. Cannot wait.

Symco4 | 24 June, 2019

Ordered White on white 4/30. P100DL. Car arrived with fit and finish issues that could not be easily corrected. Now waiting to find a new car and VIN.

heartbeat | 25 June, 2019

How much did you get for your 2014 P85DL?
I ordered my Raven May 2nd and it is ready for delivery now. Unfortunately, I can't find a buyer for my 2014 P85DL so I had to cancel.

chris | 6 July, 2019

I ordered my Model S (Raven) Performance w/Ludicrous on June 3rd and it said “June Delivery”. As of today, still shows an order number, no VIN. Anyone else order around the same time?